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(Video) SoulPancake’s The Science of Generosity Series Proves Why We Should All Pay It Forward

(Video) SoulPancake’s The Science of Generosity Series Proves Why We Should All Pay It Forward


Social enterprise companies exist to be in the business of helping others, but how can we help expand this impact of giving back on an individual level as employees, spouses, or friends? Would you give something up personally in order to give back? What if it came down to a crunch time decision like accepting $50 or letting a group of strangers play with puppies? In the final episode of SoulPancake’s series The Science of Generosity, participants are asked to make this decision as a part of a fun experiment highlighting just how inspired we can be to give back when we experience others paying it forward.

The lesson? When you see examples of generosity in your life, pay it forward. Social enterprises can do so much, but it takes both individual and collective action to make a difference. If you don’t see generosity around you, start it. Bring in those donuts to work, pay for the coffee of someone behind you, or offer to drive a co-worker home because others will see what you do and pass it on.

For more inspiration SoulPancake’s entire Science of Generosity series, in partnership with the John Templeton Foundation, brings to life scientific studies behind some of the most powerful experiences we have as humans and explores the biological, psychological, and social factors that encourage people to give time, money, and assistance to others.

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