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In 2021, 116 million Americans listen to a podcast monthly

In 2018, 26% of Americans 12 or older listened to podcasts monthly, compared to 41% in 2021.

As of 2021, 56% of all Americans, 12-34, listen to at least one podcast per month, compared to 49% in 2020.

At present, more than one-quarter of all 55+ consumers in the United States are listening to podcasts a month.

Detailed Features:

  • Your show & your guests in collaboration with Causeartist
  • Each episode shared in our weekly newsletter
  • Hosting and distribution
  • Podcast production
  • Each episode is shared as a post on the Causeartist website
  • Shared on Causeartist social media
  • Custom branded podcast cover art and design
  • Access to podcast analytics dashboard

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