Subtl Beauty Raises $5 Million to Scale it’s Innovative Technologies

Subtl Beauty Raises $5 Million to Scale it's Innovative Technologies

Subtl Beauty, the innovator behind compact and convenient makeup solutions, recently announced the successful closure of its Series A funding round. The new $5 million investment comes from the consumer investment firm, CULT Capital.

Subtl Beauty, founded in 2018, has disrupted the cosmetics industry with revolutionary compact products addressing the evolving needs of beauty consumers.

CULT Capital’s investment is more than just financial backing; it is a resounding vote of confidence in Subtl Beauty’s mission to redefine beauty routines and challenge the industry’s norms.

This funding follows the debut of Subtl Beauty’s refreshed, award-winning stackable makeup packaging featuring cutting-edge bezel technology.

CULT Capital: Experience and Expertise

Known for their knowledgeable investment approach, CULT Capital evaluates hundreds of companies annually but chooses to invest only in a select few.

Subtl Beauty’s exceptional allure and potential as a game-changer in the beauty industry are evident, meeting CULT Capital’s criteria for a brand with a minimum of $2 million in revenue— a threshold substantially exceeded by Subtl.

“In a sector brimming with choices and complex beauty routines, Subtl stands out with its uniquely convenient and compact stackable beauty solutions.

The remarkable scale of the brand, with over 300,000 Staks sold since launch, underscores its strong connection with today’s beauty enthusiasts.” – Sarah Woelfel, Partner at CULT Capital

Subtl Beauty Innovation

Subtl Beauty travel-friendly and stackable

Subtl’s products are packaged in a convenient, travel-friendly stackable format for on-the-go consumers, featuring vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free formulas.

The new Stak 2.0 packaging, a BeautyMatter NEXT award winner, includes a refillable design with cutting-edge bezel technology.

In response to consumer insights, Subtl Beauty reimagined its makeup formulas, adhering to clean beauty standards and introducing new skin-conditioning ingredients like Bayberry Fruit Wax and Vitamin E.

Exponential Growth and Recognition

The significant Series A investment funding round comes as no surprise, considering Subtl Beauty’s notable following and a growth rate that has exceeded 170% year over year.

“The partnership with CULT Capital marks a pivotal moment for us; it is a testimony not only to our product but also to our business trajectory. CULT Capital’s network and experience scaling beauty brands is exactly what we need to take our business to the next level.” – Rachel Reid, Founder and CEO of Subtl Beauty

Rachel Reid, Founder and CEO of Subtl Beauty

Reid’s choice to partner with CULT Capital stems from the firm’s strong track record of success in the beauty category, highlighted by the recent sale of a majority stake in Supergoop! to Blackstone Growth.

The collaboration sets the stage for Subtl Beauty’s continued evolution as a trailblazer in the beauty industry.

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