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Our mission is to empower and inspire one million social entrepreneurs, impact professionals, and conscious consumers, who are dedicated to creating a more sustainable and regenerative world.


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What is a Causeartist?

causeartist – [cause-artist] noun. a person who uses their talents and skills to impact the world.

Our mission is to empower and inspire one million social entrepreneurs, impact investors,  professionals, and conscious consumers, who are dedicated to creating a more sustainable and regenerative world.

Our aim is to empower individuals and businesses and provide them with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration they need to create a sustainable future. We believe that by harnessing the collective power of individuals, businesses, and communities, we can drive positive change and build a world that thrives on sustainability and regenerative practices.

Our Readers.

“Your passion, sincerity and commitment to real social impact and systemic change are a unique and important combo.  The consistency and quality of your content and the attention to detail is first class.  Your insights are always profound and I truly can’t believe how humble you are considering all the different projects and people you have worked with.”

Thomas (TMO) Morgan - Founder and Broker at .basin
Thomas (TMO) Morgan - Founder and Broker at .basin

“Grant clearly puts so much effort into finding the newest, most important, most innovative brands and other news and then spotlighting it. To be honest, I rarely open emails that aren’t work-related, but I open every one from Causeartist because I usually learn about something new that I need to know about in my industry.”

Hayley Santell - Founder and CEO of MADI Apparel
Hayley Santell - Founder and CEO of MADI Apparel

“Causeartist was the pioneer platform that brought attention to era92’s work in Uganda, leading to numerous opportunities. We received hundreds of leads, connected with like-minded individuals who became valuable friends and partners through LinkedIn, and most notably, our organization was discovered by The Global Good Fund and Acumen. Even now, we continue to receive traffic from the platform. However, what truly resonates with me is Grant’s heartfelt desire to support grassroots organizations in amplifying their impact. His genuine passion for assisting startup social enterprises like ours is deeply touching, and I am sincerely grateful to him for his dedication.”

Emmanuel Trinity
Emmanuel Trinity - Founder of era92

“I am a pretty active activist, but sometimes I am so overwhelmed by the darkness in our beautiful world that I just want to crawl inside my closet and sleep. CauseArtist reminds me that there are tens of thousands of bright lights shining to hold back the darkness. I am always energized by the stories of positive change from a wide range of areas beyond what I work in – fashion, travel, technology, investing and so much more.”

Dean Cycon
Dean Cycon - Founder & CEO of Dean's Beans

“Grant, the Causeartist himself, is one of the most authentic voice and curator in the impact business space. Covering entrepreneurs and impact makers across multiple regions, Causeartist brings underrepresented and inspiring stories into the spotlight, so the impact business community can grow together as a whole. Some days we hear stories on billion dollar world-changing technology and business ideas, other days we hear about non-profit organizations changing living condition in underprevileged communities and making differences in babysteps, but steps with seismic impact to many lives. Thank you to Grant,”

Founding Partner & President, Investment Management M.I.H. Capital Management
Founding Partner & President, Investment Management M.I.H. Capital Management

“When The Causeartist Weekly drops in my Inbox, I know when opened I will find a balanced showing of stories and opinions highlighting diverse founders, innovations, and resources from all over the world in a succinct and authentic way. You can feel the values of Causeartist illuminated in their work, and that they genuinely want to provide support to move the needle towards a more just and happy world.”

spencer - clew
Spencer Martin - CEO of Clew

“Causeartist brings together stories from such a diverse group of people working in social impact. From banking to fashion and consumer goods, it’s a great source of positive news and learning about change makers.”

Garik Himebaugh
Garik Himebaugh - Founder of EcoStylist

“There are many platforms that purport to be focused on climate. But, few have the depth and breadth of Causeartist. I am always excited to learn what new trends are popping up in the climate and circular economy spaces that Causeartist brings up. If you are a founder or investor in circular economy, this is your sign to join Causeartist. P.S. Grant is one of the coolest people you could have the pleasure of meeting” – Jasiel Martin-Odoom (@Jasielinvests)

Africa Investment Officer, Accion Venture Lab
Africa Investment Officer, Accion Venture Lab

“One of the things I love about Causeartist is that Grant and his team find and vet all the companies and leaders that they talk about – so that I don’t have to. It’s like Causeartist is an extension of my team – because they are always highlighting fantastic potential partners for my work.”

kenton lee
Kenton Lee - Founder of Because International

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