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5 Brands Making High Quality, Sustainable Face Masks

5 Brands Making High Quality, Sustainable Face Masks

Brands Making High Quality, Sustainable Masks

At this point in the pandemic, we’re all pretty aware of the shocking amount of waste that our world has produced in such a short amount of time to keep up with sanitation needs. The Guardian even reported earlier in June that more masks than jellyfish were showing up along water fronts.

So, how do you play your part in staying safe while nurturing our beautiful planet earth? Reusable, washable, sustainable face masks!

Check out these brands who are shipping masks right now. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay stylish.

1. Day Owl

Constantly fogging up your glasses while walking around with your mask on? Day Owl’s cotton masks include split metal nose strips to avoid this nuisance. The adjustable ear loops and storage bag just happen to be bonuses.

2. Hamilton Perkins

Recycled cotton canvas AND you can toss it in the washer and dryer?! Hamilton Perkins brings you a selection of masks that won’t end up in landfills and clogging our oceans. Plus, stock up on filter replacements at an affordable price.

3. Symbology

Looking for a statement mask? Symbology has got you covered (literally!). Their super fun prints make it easy to bring your style alive, even in uncertain times. Every mask is made from post-production textile scraps.

Vi Bella

Struggling to keep masks on the kids? No more compromises! Put safety and style first with these adorable prints from Vi Bella. All masks and collections are made by Vi Bella’s community of empowered artisans in Haiti and Mexico.

United By Blue

Hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester AND a pound of trash successfully picked up and put where it belongs? Yes, please! United By Blue brings you a collection of sustainably made, washable masks and face covers in a few fun styles. Although filters are not included, they’ve got you covered with a DIY version to make your own at home.

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