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6 Sustainable Swimwear Brands For A Conscious Summer Wardrobe

6 Sustainable Swimwear Brands For A Conscious Summer Wardrobe

Sustainable Swimwear Brands

When over 51 trillion pieces of microplastic swimming in our oceans, slowly choking our aquatic life and devastating our natural resources, one must think about how they can make a difference. Every summer we interact with our oceans, whether on the beach or on a boat, often not considering the negative impacts we have individually, let alone as a global community.

It’s a long journey and there is a lot of work to do, but simply being mindful of your buying choices when it comes to swimwear and accessories is a step in the right direction. By choosing to support socially conscious and sustainable swimwear, you are voting with our dollar to see a rise in more ethical fashion production, while alleviating the strain we put on our oceans everyday.

Although summer is already upon us, and COVID-19 is making it harder than ever to really enjoy the beauty of earth while we are locked inside, if you are swimming or tanning at home in the backyard, or have access to a beach, check out these six sustainable swimwear brands to suit your summer.

Vitamin A – United States

Looking for something made for the California sun?

Vitamin A combines feminine design with sustainable innovation. Their swimwear are made locally in California using plant-based and recycled fabrics, such as EcoLux fabric, made from recycled nylon.

PA-NI Swimwear – India

Looking for a swimsuit for diverse body types?

PA-NI is a socially conscious and sustainable brand hailing from India, crafted to become the perfect fit for South Asian bodies. Each piece is made from recycled polyamide responsibility sourced from Italy, and handmade by artisans in South India. 

PCP Clothing – Greece

Looking to bring sexy back this summer?

PCP Clothing is infamous in Europe for their swimwear collection, with a wide range of cuts and styles made from Econyl® Recycled Polyamide, and packaged in recycled materials. The brand also features leggings and towels to suit your active lifestyle.

TomboyX – United States

Stand up for human rights and freedom of identity and individuality with TomboyX.

This diverse brand brings to the market a collection of Tomboy style pieces that are Oeko-tex 100 certified – meaning their process is free from chemical use. With a passion for green production and ethical work for their makers in China, TomboyX is a killer alternative to the sustainable swimwear market.

Londre –  United States

Every Londre swimsuit contains 6 plastic bottles, while their packaging is made from corn and recyclable materials.

So far, Londre has taken over 90,000 plastic bottles from the beaches and streets of Taiwan to create their swimwear. 

The sustainable brand also takes their stand on social causes by raising funds for women’s health and environmental initiatives, donating over $10,000 to organizations such as Amazon Watch and the Yellow Hammer Fund. 

Fair Harbor – United States

Fair Harbor is a sibling run company creating swimwear out of recycled plastic in an effort to keep the oceans clean. Growing up spending summers on Fire Island, Jake and Caroline Danehy would pass their afternoons selling lemonade on the sidewalk, surfing and swimming in the water, fishing off the pier, and riding bikes around the carless streets.

Fast forward a few years, Jake and Caroline are now heading a successful business and helping to beat plastic pollution in the ocean, one bottle at a time. Inspired by those summers spent on Fair Harbor, Fire Island, their brand produces high-quality, stylish swimwear for men and women from plastic bottles and other sustainable materials (like upcycled coconuts).

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