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The Journey to Create a New Standard of Mental Wellness Through Unique Psychedelic Therapeutics and Treatment

The Journey to Create a New Standard of Mental Wellness Through Unique Psychedelic Therapeutics and Treatment

Emotional Intelligence Venture

In episode 21 of the Investing in Impact podcast, I speak with David Nikzad, founder of Emotional Intelligence Ventures, on his angel investor journey and the future of the psychedelic industry.

Over the past 2.5 decades he has invested in real estate, nightlife, technology and wellness. He left the mainland over a decade ago to work on a retreat center in Maui called Lumeria, working there on his own emotional intelligence (Ei) while continuing to invest in and guide startups.

Through his family venture fund Reinmkr Satsang and his holding company Orthogonal Thinker Inc., David put the first checks into companies such as Betterment🦄, Vidyard🦄, InstantCab Ridecell🦄, Wefunder, June Software TaptoLearn, Talkable, Aisle50, TutorSpree, OrangeFund2, Quartzy, Ridejoy, GazeHawk, RealCrowd, InvoiceASAP, Meadow, Mellows, ConfidentCannabis, FOBO Yardsale, BlockRx, SericaPay, Solti, AdStage, Arcview Capital and more.

He has personally incubated companies through Orthogonal Thinker like SuryaSpa, KitchenNation, MauiRaw, Randy’s Remedy, EI.Ventures, and Pure Mushrooms.

Orthogonal holds secondary shares in anchor companies such as Airbnb, Republic, and Equipment Share.

Over this last decade, David has become hyper-focused on his two children who live on Hawaii, and on his current role as Executive Chairman of Orthogonal Thinker Inc, which encompasses all of David’s family’s holdings.

His latest journey, Emotional Intelligence Ventures, is focused on creating the new standard of mental wellness through developing novel psychedelic therapeutics, medicinal mushroom formulations, and unique treatment protocols and delivery mechanisms.

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