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The Power of Buying Conflict Free and Second Hand Diamonds

The Power of Buying Conflict Free and Second Hand Diamonds


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According to The Wedding Report, quoted in a CNN article in 2012, the wedding industry is worth over $53.4 billion dollars in the US. The engagement ring, where the wedding bells begin ringing, comes in at an average of $5000 USD. But how much of that $5000 is really going to the miners on the ground who are ripping the earth apart in order to produce that rock on your finger?


Mining pits can be as large as ¾ of a mile deep and 2.5 miles wide, impacting environmental stability and wildlife habitat immensely. And once the land is destroyed, there is no restoration. In countries such as Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Zimbabwe, where conflict diamond mining is most prevalent, waterways have been filled with toxic chemicals from mining production, creating larger impacts on the local communities in need of such crucial resources.




Remember those devastating and heartbreaking scenes in Blood Diamond? This happens on a daily basis within Russia and Africa, leaving the conflict diamond and “blood diamond” industry responsible for over 3 million deaths. 40% of diamonds that come from the Congo alone have no traceable source. The annual value of conflict diamonds smuggled in from the Ivory Coast are worth over $23 billion USD. As such an expansive and violent industry that we have been contributing to for far too long, one of the greatest ways to challenge it is to show that conflict diamonds don’t have a place in our lives. We need to buy from platforms and marketplaces that provide conflict-free and second-hand diamonds in order to eliminate the trafficking and murder that goes on behind the scenes of the diamond industry.



Meet Delgatto, an online platform that sells and purchases second hand diamonds, jewelry and watches, with a goal of closing the loop in the diamond industry. Delgatto empowers buyers to get the most for their money, and sellers the opportunity to cut out the middleman, while shutting out the harmful effects of the diamond industry.


Are your wedding bells starting to ring over the horizon? Jump over to Delgatto to browse their collections and help reduce the conflict in the diamond industry by purchasing second hand.




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