How The Resolution Project Invests in Young Leaders to Create Positive Ventures

The Resolution Project

In episode 16 of the Investing in Impact podcast, I speak with George Tsiatis, co-founder of The Resolution Project on investing and developing socially responsible young leaders to create positive ventures.

George Tsiatis is the CEO & Co-Founder of the Resolution Project. Since Resolution’s inception, George has been one of the driving forces behind the organization, co-developing the Social Venture Challenge, leading the design of the current Guides program, and imagining the forthcoming Resolution Institute and the SOLVE Summit.  In his position on the Executive Committee of the Board, as President, he has led the Operations and Programs Committees. He also serves as a Guide to several Fellows.

Prior to taking the helm at Resolution, George co-founded and grew Group 113, a certified B Corp providing impact-focused organizations with branding and marketing services, and was the company’s Managing Director for over 10 years. He has played various roles in launching several additional entrepreneurial ventures over the years.  Before Group 113, George began his career at a major New York City public relations firm. George also serves on the boards of the Hellenic University Club of New York and the Kew-Forest School.

George earned his BA with honors from Harvard with a Special Concentration in Byzantine Studies and his JD with high honors from St. John’s University.

About The Resolution Project

The Resolution Project is a global non-profit fostering youth leadership development through collaborative social entrepreneurship. Founded in 2007, Resolution identifies young leaders through Social Venture Challenges and empowers them to make a positive impact today through Resolution Fellowships. Resolution Fellows receive dynamic, hands-on support to implement their ventures and to develop as socially-responsible leaders. With over 380 Resolution Fellows in 70+ countries, working in diverse, high-impact fields such as education, healthcare, human rights, water resources, and sustainability, Resolution is building a generation of leaders with a lifelong commitment to social responsibility.

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