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The Top 5 Impactful Crypto Projects of 2020

The Top 5 Impactful Crypto Projects of 2020


It seems like every day there are tons of new tokens being released for some new use case. Projects dub themselves the “blockchain version” of [INSERT INDUSTRY HERE].

But the reality is that 99% of these projects are just trying to ride the crypto wave without making a real impact on the world. If I had a nickel for every ICO I’ve seen that promised to “revolutionize” and disrupt an entire industry, I would be having lunch with Bill Gates right now.

So it’s time to focus on the legitimate crypto projects that actually matter. The projects that are actually impacting people around the world in a positive way. This does not necessarily mean that these projects are ending world hunger or poverty but rather that they have actual use cases that provide massive value to their communities.

So with that being said, let’s jump into our top 5 impactful crypto projects of 2020…

Project #1: KARMA App

Impactful Crypto Projects - Karma

This app burst onto the crypto scene in 2019 via the EOS blockchain. Their objective is to provide a decentralized social network that encourages users to “do good” in the world and document that good online in order to create a wave of positive momentum throughout the world.

The amount of users they have acquired is actually quite impressive and at one point it was one of the most used crypto apps across all blockchains.

The value that KARMA app provides is undeniable. Simply by posting on their app, their users are able to earn crypto, which has created a sub-economy of people in developing nations who are able to earn a secondary income. Learn More

Project #2: Binance Charity

Impactful Crypto Projects  - Binance Charity

Just because Binance is one of the leading crypto exchanges does not mean they can’t make a significant impact in the world.

I have seen many “charity” initiatives that offer nothing more than just a platform that allows users to donate in crypto. I am not hating on these platforms. I think that’s great! The more ways to help people in need the better.

But I think charity platforms can take it a step further and actually leverage blockchain to help verify these good deeds like Binance Charity. Furthermore, Binance Charity donates 100% of the amount donated to the actual cause. Learn More

Project #3: Power Ledger

Impactful Crypto Projects - Power Ledger

Power Ledger is probably one of my favorite projects that is actually making a real use-case out of crypto and blockchain.

They are aiming to disrupt the energy sector with a heightened focus on renewable energy. 

Their software allows for three core things:

1. Energy Trading (if you have excess energy from your solar panels, for example, you can trade that to your neighbor through Power Ledger).

2. Environmental commodities trading (to help for the reliable tracking of renewable energy credits)

3. Renewable asset ownership (This will allow people who cannot afford their own renewable energy set-up to invest in fractional ownership).

I honestly think Power Ledger is doing God’s work and wish them all the best.  Learn More

Project #4: AidCoin

Impactful Crypto Projects  - Aid Coin

AidCoin is probably one of the most practical uses of cryptocurrency for doing good that I have seen in 2020. It allows websites to embed a widget into their website and accept donations in any cryptocurrency. Any donated crypto is transferred into AID token, which is also a stable coin. At first, this might seem like not such a good thing but the more I looked into it, the more I realized accepting a stable coin might actually make more sense for a charity as it reduces their risk exposure to volatility.

Any project that helps legitimate charities do more good in the world is A-okay in my books. Learn More

Project #5: Brave Browser

Impactful Crypto Projects  - Brave Browser

As far as I’m concerned, keeping people safe and protecting their privacy and security is a noble endeavor.

For far too long, giants like Google and Facebook have gotten away with unethical data practices with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. They have been able to spy on their users, abuse their data and use it for whatever purpose they deem fit. 

Brave Browser is looking to put an end to that through the most secure browser that exists on the market today.  Learn More


Jesús Cedeño

Jesús is a doctor turned cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast who loves sharing his thoughts on to help simply crypto in order to make it more accessible to the masses.

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