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The Virtue Project Brings Together Creators and Entrepreneurs Shaping Social Impact in Los Angeles

The Virtue Project Brings Together Creators and Entrepreneurs Shaping Social Impact in Los Angeles


The Virtue Project believes institutions upholding our capitalist system are among the most influential and capable of creating a more equitable, just society.

Together with our extended network of change agents, we work with company leaders to build social impact programs that integrate business objectives with purpose and values, all focused on tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

In our current landscape of unrest, a few creative and entrepreneurial members of the Los Angeles community decided to take a simple step to bring like-minded people together, in one room to create a dialogue meant to inspire each other.

The idea is this; create an intimate dinner and evening to rally together top thought leaders, artists, media and talent in order to create an experience that not only enhances our own character, but ignites our passion to help others and continue to reframe narratives for our communities at large.

The Virtue Project Brings Together Creators and Entrepreneurs Shaping Social Impact in Los Angeles
Emma Post, Shannon de Laat, and Emmanuelle Chriqui

I was honored and humbled to be invited to the dinner by Shannon de Laat, founder of The Virtue Project and host of the amazing evening, but due to scheduling I was unable to attend.

However, I loved the idea of bringing people together in a small venue and really creating an opportunity to share the inspiration and vision of what each attendee was doing in their own lives that they felt passionate about.

In the words of Gloria Steinem: “shared purpose eliminates hierarchy.”

The night was created and hosted by Shannon de Laat, Malin Akerman, Emma Post and guest host, actress and activist Emmanuelle Chriqui and set to the beautiful backdrop of the new West Hollywood EDITION hotel in Los Angeles.

A very appropriate venue, because the hotel plans to be 100% singe use plastic free by the end of 2020.

The Virtue Project invite-only dinner was attended by some amazing people in the Los Angeles impact community, including:

  • Amy Smart – Actor / Environmentalist
  • Breckin Meyer – Actor, Supporter of INARA Org and Pro Choice America
  • Linsey Godfrey – Actor / War Child + INARA Ambassador
  • Adam Garone – Co-Founder Mo-vember, Starlight Foundation
  • Manuela Testolini – Founder of In a Perfect World Foundation
  • Eric Benet – Musician / Artist
  • Lillian Covington – VP of Opportunity International
  • Ian and Brittney Bentley – Founders of Parker Clay
  • Roxanne Joyal – CEO of ME to WE
  • Rafiq Raid – Founder of Buy Good Feel Good
  • Joe Cuello – Board of Global Autism Project
  • Jeremy Schwartz – Co-founder of Summit Series
  • Ben Pundole – Stay Plastic Free
  • Debbie Levin – CEO of Environmental Media Association
  • Patsy Noah – Co-Founder of Your Mom Cares

…….among some amazing others

“It all started as a very casual conversation between myself, Malin and Emma. We felt that each of us has relationship with some incredible talent using their voices and skills to try and do good in this world, and wondered what might happen if we could gather them all together in one room.”


The mission of the evening was to spark dialogue and create an environment to make meaningful connections so that guests could further their platforms, and the issues they care about. To kick-off the evening each attendee was asked to answer this question:

What narrative are you reframing? What shift are you a part of, not just for yourself, but for everyone around you, the communities at large that we are so privileged to be a part of?

What if we all take a quick step back and think about the people in our lives that inspire us and are doing some amazing things to impact the world and our community.

What if we brought them all together for dinner, for a discussion, for a true look at what each others dreams and visions are?

My belief is that this simple tasks of getting together and truly be open and transparent about what we want to accomplish can create tremendous change and only strengthen our communities.

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