These Fashion Designers Created A Sustainable Suit For Men With Ethical Style And Taste


Naz & Court create sustainable designs that consider the environmental and social impact it may have throughout its total life span, including its “carbon footprint.”  The brand is always exploring and aspiring to create new and innovative ways to become more and more sustainable.

The brands founders, Naz Harounian and Courtney Barriger, believe that being modern means considering the future, not just the future of design, but also the future of the planet. Their mission is to change people’s perception of eco fashion. Some of their ethical innovations include a modern sustainable suit for men and using sustainably sourced Cobia fish skins in lieu of animal leather.

Below is a great Q&A with Naz Harounian and Courtney Barriger about their passion for sustainable fabrics and education consumers about about what sustainable really means when it comes to fashion and textiles.


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Tell us a little about the creative behind the Naz&Court designs!

The inspiration behind Naz & Court comes from real life.  We seek out designs that are needed for everyday living.

Our creative process starts with sourcing gorgeous, environmentally-safe textiles and leads to us creating functional street wear with the best fit possible.  The aim is to perfect the classics – like our high-waisted women’s denim, which is versatile with a flattering silhouette.

As fashion designers, Naz & Court represents our personal contribution to preserving the environment with a unique offering of modern, classic clothing – using fabrics that marry cutting edge technology and old-world craftsmanship.


So stay tuned for more innovation like this!


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Where do you currently source all your sustainable textiles and fabrics, especially your organic cotton?

Naz and I take a lot of personal pride in ensuring that all of our designs are made using the most ethically and sustainably sourced textiles and fabrics possible.

Our organic cotton denim is sourced directly from India.  Naz & Court uses certified organic cotton; harvested from crops free of pesticides, synthetic chemicals and herbicides grown pursuant to the rules outlined by The National Organic Standards Board and Organic Foods Production Act.

Regular cotton isn’t eco-friendly. More chemicals are used to produce cotton than any other crop in the world.

Cotton uses about 3% of the world’s farmland and accounts for 25% of worldwide pesticide use. The EPA has determined that many of these pesticides cause cancer.

The desire to work with Indian made organic cotton came from frequent travels in SouthEast Asia. After seeing the environmental toll placed on locals who grow and dye textiles in India, it was a simple choice to help better their standards of living.

Tell us more about your incredibly handsome, sustainable suit!

The idea for our sustainable men’s suit came from the need for men to have a full sustainable wardrobe that transitions from casual to business and special event.  The Naz & Court classic men’s suit is fashion-forward with it’s stitching and technologically advanced fabric Tencel.  In the future we hope to see all, CEOs, celebrities and men who are geared towards benefiting the planet, wearing Naz & Court and setting the precedent!


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Most ethical designers forget to include such a staple piece. Why a full suit and not just stick to the sustainable tees?

There are a lot of ethical fashion designers right now focused on making high-quality luxury pieces for women, but not many have a similar offering for men. So Naz and I knew there was an opportunity in the market for a well-made, sustainably-sourced classic suit.

We think it’s so amazing that all of the women who buy our clothes can also shop for their dads, brothers, boyfriends, sons – it’s been a great way to prove to all of the guys out there just how classic, wearable and versatile ethical fashion can be!


Do you find the designs of Naz&Court are creating some buzz around generic luxury fashion brands?

Definitely! As disruptors, our goal is to challenge the traditional definitions of ethical fashion and put the spotlight on sustainably-made luxury fashion brands.

Our Naz & Court clothing line represents just one part of our sustainable fashion journey. We also run a series of grassroots educational workshops, called S.T.Y.L. – Sustainable Textile Youth Lecture – in schools across the country. In fact, they helped us earn ‘The Future’ of fashion distinction by United Nations-initiative Fashion Fights Poverty recently.

We’re also in the process of producing a short film ECO set for release in 2017.


Rebel with a Cause: how have you found your campaign is influencing the shopping trends of your customers, and possibly their stance on the fashion industry?

Most definitely. We’ve noticed that once people are educated on the harmful effects of fast-fashion and toxic fabrics, they express regret about their spending habits and are motivated to change.

We recently toured US college campuses to showcase our Naz & Court designs and inspire the next generation. The feedback we received was truly inspirational.  Almost everyone came up to us after our lecture to tell us how shocked they were to find out about how terrible their clothes are for the environment.  It felt personal to them, and it definitely was personal for us.


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