This Social Entrepreneur Created An Affordable Shoe That Grows For Children Around The Globe



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Lee is a native of Nampa, Idaho and is in his late twenties. A self-proclaimed “regular guy doing extraordinary things”, Lee’s mission is to develop products that benefit people around the world.


The first of his projects is called “The Shoe That Grows”.


Lee recognized that many people in developing countries lack footwear, which is an issue that can lead to a myriad of different infections, injuries, and pains. But at the same time, he knew that just sending them shoes wouldn’t make a long-term impact on their economy.


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So, he decided to create a shoe that can last for five years. Through its adjustable sizing, his Shoe That Grows can span five shoe sizes and essentially fit one child for five years. This helps mothers save the cost of buying new shoes for their children, while also protecting their feet from harmful bacteria and sharp rocks that can be found in their countries of origin.


Lee claims that his life mission is “To put other people in the best possible position to succeed, and I absolutely love doing this for kids around the world”.


Besides the Shoe That Grows, Lee and his team are already working on more (still unannounced) projects to keep making a difference in their community and communities abroad.


Another important part of his company is getting Americans involved in the process. Anyone in the world can donate a shoe, take a trip to distribute shoes, or raise money for increased production.


Through this hands-on nature of his company, Lee wants more kids and teens to gain a passion for service and social entrepreneurship.


Listen to the podcast featuring the founder of The Shoe That Grows, Kenton Lee



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