Tia Lupita Foods Raises $2.6M for Growth and Sustainable Ingredient Innovation

Tia Lupita Foods Raises $2.6M for Growth and Sustainable Ingredient Innovation

Tia Lupita Foods, a San Francisco-based Mexican food brand, has secured $2.6 million in seed funding to accelerate its rapid growth and expansion. The funding round was led by two Mexican investment firms, Santatera Capital and GBM Ventures.

This new influx of capital comes on the heels of Tia Lupita’s recent success on Shark Tank, where founder Hector Saldivar secured an investment from Kevin O’Leary earlier this year.

The seed funding validates the strong demand for Tia Lupita’s growing line of Mexican food products. Beyond the brand’s signature hot sauces, inspired by a family recipe from Saldivar’s mother, Tia Lupita now offers grain-free cactus tortilla chips, salsa macha, and cactus tortillas.

Saldivar plans to use the new funding to expand Tia Lupita’s team, support new product development, and accelerate expansion into major retailers across the country.

Tia Lupita Foods tortillas

The Tia Lupita Foods Story

Tia Lupita Foods was founded by Hector Saldivar, who drew inspiration from his mother’s cherished family hot sauce recipe. This sauce, bearing the name of his mother, Tia Lupita, was a family favorite. Seeing its commercial potential, Hector embarked on a mission to share this culinary gem with the world. This marked the birth of Tia Lupita Foods.

Innovation and Sustainable Ingredients

What began as a homage to Tia Lupita’s hot sauce quickly evolved into something much more diverse and innovative. Tia Lupita Foods ventured into sustainable product offerings that included cactus-based creations.

These products represent not only the brand’s commitment to delicious and healthy food but also a nod to Mexican culinary heritage.

Among these innovative offerings are Grain-Free Cactus Tortilla Chips, Salsa Macha (Mexican Chili Crisp), and Cactus Tortillas.

These products showcase the brand’s dedication to crafting unique and sustainable items, further diversifying their product range.

They recently joined forces with Renewal Mill, makers of Upcycled Okra flour, to create the best tasting, grain-free tortilla ever tasted.

By partnering with Renewal Mill, Tia Lupita has developed a tasty, grain-free tortilla using upcycled okra flour.

This collaboration allows both brands to further their mission of sustainability while providing consumers with a delicious and nutritious product.

National Availability

Tia Lupita Foods’ remarkable journey has taken them from their Mexican roots to the bustling streets of San Francisco. Today, they have gained nationwide recognition and a place on the shelves of major retailers.

You can find their renowned hot sauces and cactus-based delights at Whole Foods Market, Publix, HEB, Sprouts Farmers Market, Target, Walmart, Albertsons, and other fine grocers across the country.

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