Veer is on a Mission to Bring a Clean Future to the $1T Shipping Industry

Rafael Aldon
Veer is on a Mission to Bring a Clean Future to the $1T Shipping Industry

In Episode 157 of the Disruptors for Good podcast, Causeartist contributor, Rafael Aldon, speaks with Danielle Doggett, Founder and CEO of Veer, on the clean future of the $1T shipping industry.

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Danielle has dedicated her life to the sea, she was named by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects as one of the most influential women of the past century. Her mission is to be the clean shipping generation leader.

Danielle accepted a gold medal from the governments of Canada and Costa Rica on behalf of SAILCARGO INC., a company she founded. From the Great Lakes of Canada, Danielle began sailing at age 13.  A graduate of the ‘’Enkhuizer’’ Sea Academy, she learned Dutch to graduate.

Danielle Doggett, Founder and CEO of Veer

She holds a 200T masters ticket  which empowered her to captain the flagship of Barbados, schooner Ruth. Danielle wrote and implemented the successful launch of Ruth, which was the largest ship built in the history of the country.

She is also co-founder of a Costa Rican non-profit, AstilleroVerde, that plants thousands of trees and creates jobs in a vulnerable coastal community.

Each year Danielle’s company sponsors a young lady to sail on the St. Lawrence II – a ‘’thank you’’ to the ship that first inspired her.

She is graduate of the Enkhuizer Nautical College of the Netherlands. As a result of her work across the Caribbean, Danielle is an adviser to the Caribbean Sail Training Association.

About Veer

Veer delivers a solution for the future fleet: clean, resilient shipping. A series of fast container vessels with a modular design that are cost competitive.

In order to implement the next generation of innovative coastal and ocean tools and services that reduce social and environmental risk to oceans, Veer provides clean shipping using DynaRig sail technology paired with green hydrogen fuel cells.

The global fleet, valued at $1.2T USD, has pressure to innovate. The essential service uses the world’s least refined fuel, causing up to 3% of global emissions. Fuel costs are 50-60% of ship operating costs, a volatile expense.

The first design of Veers ships can travel at 18 knots under sail, making this iteration of Veer ships the fastest clean cargo ship in the world. The streamlined hull is uniquely designed to deliver cargo carry capacity as well as speed. 

A true sailing hull which will work with the wind and renewable elements of the ocean.

Due to the simple, modular design of the steel hull, these ships can be easily scaled, replicated, and adapted for the future.

The hydrogen engines employed today have the potential to be replaced in years to come.

Ships of this design iteration are capable of traveling up to 1,200 nautical miles using only green hydrogen – a range that is greatly extended when combined with modern sail technology.

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