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6 Eye-Catching Vegan Shoes To Wear This Summer (Women’s Edition)

6 Eye-Catching Vegan Shoes To Wear This Summer (Women’s Edition)


There are so many different shoe options out there theses days. Being a conscious consumer can sometimes be a bit overwhelming trying to find an ethical brand that you can trust. Here is a list of 6 socially conscious vegan shoes that we think you will love. All these shoes are animal cruelty free.

Beyond Skin Mimi – Floral Espadrille


Beyond Skin was born in 2001 because it seemed impossible to be both stylish and cruelty free. There were simply no gorgeous, vegan shoes to be found anywhere! We set out on a mission to bring about style and quality to those that cared. We were keen to make our shoes as close to home as possible so set about our quest to find some of the last footwear factories in existence in the UK. It was not an easy road and it took us almost 2 years to find an English factory that could make beautiful, non leather footwear. 

Lelaina Lace-Up Oxford Spotted – CRI DE COEUR


The Collection consists of the highest quality vegan materials – including Ultrasuede made from recycled plastics, eco-PU that’s low-VOC, breathable and biodegradable, organic cotton, hemp and reclaimed wood and is committed to choosing vendors who abide by ideals of earth-friendly manufacturing processes and fair treatment of workers. The choices we make as designers, manufacturers and consumers can have an enormous impact on the lives of animals, humans and our environment. Thier mission is to help ethical fashion saturate the future market of retail by exciting a dialogue that will demand that these ideals be met industry-wide – because the planet and its inhabitants depend on it.



KANDALS are a line of planet-friendly, vegan shoes made in Spain. We partner with Trees for the Future, a non-profit organization, to plant trees in deforested areas of the world. So far, thanks to our customers, we worked with Trees for the Future to plant trees in Ethiopia. KANDALS shoes are made out of an eco-friendly material. The upper portion of each pair of KANDALS is made with organic cotton from Spain while the outsole is composed of natural rubber. We do not use animal products in any part of KANDALS.



These shoes are from the BC Shoes Wear What Matters, vegan and eco-friendly collection. BC Footwear transforms classic silhouettes into fresh, eclectic statement pieces. Their shoes are designed for a girl who’s unconcerned with “it” brands or trends, but prefers to craft a look that’s radically different, spontaneous and unpredictable.



This high-performance, classic running shoe that is the result of a collaboration between The People’s MOVMT and Brendan Brazier. It is the first truly functional training shoe that is made from post-consumer waste, and upcycled plastic-bottles. The shoes are also entirely vegan, meaning they don’t contain any animal products such as leather or suede. Nor are the glues used of animal-origin, which is uncommon in the shoe industry.



Keep is a shoe company, a clothing company, an amalgam of interests, a way of being, a force, a language, a family and many other things. We work with people we respect, love and who make us laugh. We aim to keep things personal. We love to talk story.  All Keep products are cruelty free.

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