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Meet the Business Equity Council Launched by the Virtue Project

Meet the Business Equity Council Launched by the Virtue Project

Business Equity Council

As “recovering” consumer brand marketers, Daniella and I began The Virtue Project just over two years ago in an effort to put our corporate skills to use as a force for good, helping to amplify the story of nonprofit and social enterprises.

Today, we specialize in helping all business find their purpose and use their power to influence a better world, for us and our future ancestors. 

As we evolve to meet the needs of our changing world, we recently launched The Virtue Project Business Equity Council, a turnkey solution that offers organizations diverse perspectives that are a crucial too contributing to a more equitable world. 

When it comes to dismantling the systems of oppression of racialized and marginalized communities, we know many well-intentioned organizations are scrambling and often don’t know where to start, a task made especially difficultconsidering the lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion among senior leadership across various industries.

The perspectives of our Business Equity Council members stem both from their professional expertise and also their lived experiences as diverse individuals with intersectional identities. 

The Virtue Project Announces the Launch of its Business Equity Council

Our Business Equity Council has come together with a shared mission to assess risk and raise awareness of inequities. For maximum impact, we come in during planning, to help inform strategies designed to connect with communities that have previously been ignored or maligned.

However, our Council can further assist at any stage, assessing where there is risk from brand design to consumer-facing content, and bringing awareness to virtue signaling or “woke-washing”. 

Businesses must show up for their employees, their community and their consumers. As we’ve seen too many times, best intentions can lead to poor results without the right people around the table.

This nimble service enables organizations of all sizes to benefit from these perspectives and work towards an equitable business environment that enables all people to thrive. Follow along our journey here.

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