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6 Fun and Easy Ways Your Business Can Boost Corporate Social Responsibility

6 Fun and Easy Ways Your Business Can Boost Corporate Social Responsibility

Ways Your Business Can Boost Corporate Social Responsibility

As the sector of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) continues to grow, I see more and more technologies and tools being created to help businesses easily incorporate socially responsibility into their day to day operations.

Below are some tech tools, products, and platforms that can help you boost your corporate socially responsibility in fun and creative ways. 😀

1. Gifts for Good

Source: Gifts for Good

Gifts for Good is a Los Angeles based start-up bringing the corporate world an online platform curating corporate gifting to bring forth premium, posh and purposeful gifts that give back. Gifts for Good aims to integrate social good and giving back with corporate gifting all year-round.

Whether gifting for holidays, promotions, or thank yous, Gifts for Good has got it covered from handmade candles, to luxe leather totes, to unique wooden headphones. All gifts support a wide range of nonprofits and charitable causes including: children-in-need, economic development, environment, homelessness, health, women-at-risk, and more.

2. Percent Pledge

Source: Colleen MacDonald

Percent Pledge helps you donate a small % of each month’s budget to causes you’re passionate about. Then, the platform will keep you continuously updated on the impact of your pledge throughout the year. Percent Pledge’s corporate social responsibility solution does all the work for you allowing you to easily give back and your team to focus on growing your business.

3. Charity Charge

Source: Charity Charge

The Charity Charge Business MaterCard helps empower socially conscious businesses to effortlessly give back everyday. The card allow seamless corporate social responsibility by allowing your business to earn cash back that’s automatically donated to ANY nonprofit of your companies choice. There is no annual fee and the % that is automatically donated with every purchase is tax-deductible and you are allowed unlimited employee cards.

4. Moving Worlds

Moving Wolrds Podcast Episode
Source: Moving Worlds

Moving Worlds offers unique corporate social responsibility methods and practices to make your impact as a company more enjoyable and impactful. Their innovative experiential learning model takes team members on a volunteer journey alongside a cohort of peers, while building and expanding their skills in new environments. Moving Worlds assess the readiness of your company to then launch, scale, and/or optimize new innovative corporate volunteering programs.

5. Have Fun Do Good

Source: Have Fun Do Good

Travel is one of the most amazing things we can ever do in our lives, but for many employees travel can be expensive, so why not offer it as amazing perk for your amazing employees!

Have Fun Do Good (HFDG) is a for-purpose travel and event company sharing the power of volunteerism through immersive and one of a kind volunteer opportunities. They offer immersive service experiences through travel excursions and Corporate events. Whether you’re traveling or staying closer to home, HFDG provides everything volunteers need to get involved: planning, access to worthwhile charities and causes, accommodations and, of course, fun.

6. Vera

Source: Vera

Vera is a simple way for businesses to offset their plastic footprint. By becoming Vera-Certified, you’ll help create new jobs for people who collect ocean-bound plastic. You’ll not only alleviate poverty, but also ensure that plastic never ends up in our oceans! The best part about Vera, is that everything is transacted through the blockchain, which creates a traceable, auditable supply chain that guarantees our promise. Join Vera’s collective who already offset more than 40,000 plastic bottles every month!

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