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Reviving Kutch Handcrafts with Wearable Art and Jewelry

Reviving Kutch Handcrafts with Wearable Art and Jewelry

Reviving Kutch Handcrafts with Sustainable Jewelry and Wearable Art

In episode 27 of the Impact India podcast, I chat with Nidhi Lodha of June, a homegrown brand reviving the crafts of Gujarat by making wearable art.

Nidhi is a copywriter by profession with a passion for working with textiles and colors. After her short stint in advertising in Mumbai, she returned home to Gujarat to specialize in working with Kutch handwork.

This led to the launch of June. June is led by a team of female artisans reviving Kutch handicrafts, native to Gujarat.

The team uses vintage and contemporary materials—from old coins and mirrors, to shells and bharat handwork—to create unique and beautiful accessory collections.
In this episode, Nidhi and I dive into:

  • The challenges of wearing too many hats in your business 
  • How she ensures her team always has work, by partnering with like-minded brands that her team can also lend their skills to
  • The need to connect more meaningfully with the items we buy
  • How June is supporting the wild elephants of India

Connect with Nidhi at and on Instagram.

“Creativity needs its own space to breathe.”

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