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What Kind of Statements are Sustainable Brands Making?

What Kind of Statements are Sustainable Brands Making?

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Ideas are everywhere. People typically have dozens of good ones every day, but they do not amount to anything because they do not know how to bring them out into the real world. The task of an entrepreneur is precisely that. But when they begin to develop their idea, they’ll quickly realize that even the best idea needs to be properly marketed.


Every entrepreneur needs to properly brand themselves. When a customer thinks of a Subway restaurant, they might think of freshly made sandwiches. That’s branding well done. In developing a brand, the entrepreneur will need to look at successful brands and replicate their efforts.


A Sustainable Brand Peaks Interest


If an entrepreneur is launching a company that arranges weddings, they’ll need to think of wedding scenarios, not just people who are planning weddings. Most entrepreneurs who are trying to develop their brand via the Internet recognize that their website needs to have content, including articles and videos containing relevant information. They might post a video titled “How to Know If He Is Going to Propose.” After he does propose, your audience will remember that video and the services offered by the entrepreneur and return to it.


Producing content will usher in a lot more traffic. People are sharing the entrepreneur’s content because it is interesting. Sustainable brands will often have a lot to say that is beyond the scope of the services that they offer. The entrepreneur will establish her expertise by producing quality content. Viewers will remember her when they have a wedding to plan, or they know somebody who has a wedding to plan. A sustainable brand is one that gets people talking.


Sustainable Brands Care About the Causes of Their Audience


Companies can sometimes seem disconnected from the cares of the people. But people are more likely to be devoted customers to a company if they know that there are real human beings involved in the organization. They want to know that they care about more than turning a profit. Sometimes when a customer interacts with a customer service representative, it is something like interacting with a robot, replete with fake smiles and insincere courtesy. When a potential customer sees that a company cares about worthy causes, they will be more likely to buy from them.


A 2010 study revealed that customers would have a more positive outlook of a company that donates to causes that they care about. Since much of a company’s customer base will have overlapping interests, it will not be difficult to find a few charities that will tug at the heart strings. So long as the charity is not engulfed in controversy, entrepreneurs see a lot of converts when they begin making charitable donations. Of course, it might be in bad taste to advertise that one has donated to charity. So one possibility could be to highlight a particular charity on social media, encouraging others to donate to it or volunteer.


Keep Up with the Trends


This is one reason that social media interaction is so important. Those who do not get on the Internet are not aware of the trending causes or concerns. Of course, that is fine for the individual, but it could be a missed opportunity for an entrepreneur who is trying to develop her brand. While people do want to see that a brand donates to worthy causes, they will also be pleased to find that a company keeps up with the trends and makes donations to trending causes.


In a day in which people are keenly aware of racial discrimination, the people want to see companies who will stand up against it. This is probably no more prevalent than on Facebook. Since it connects billions of users and permits advertising based on demographics, some people were abusing that system to discriminate against ethnic minorities. In response, Facebook has decided to closely monitor posts that target ethnic groups. This helps to establish the Facebook brand as one that will stand against racism. In a day in which racial issues are particularly prevalent, people appreciate the message that Facebook is sending.


Start a Movement


Contributing to a cause is certainly a worthy endeavor. But if an entrepreneur starts their cause and it is successful, they will very firmly establish that brand. This will especially true if they begin a movement to which everybody can relate. Everybody cares about the well-being of children.


A good example of this is a project called Baby OK, which is currently being fundraised through a crowdfunding platform. The goal of this app is to prevent heat stroke in toddlers and infants. Parents need to be sure that their children are under proper care. Since most people are either a parent or care deeply about babies, they will recognize this as a worthy cause. Starting a movement like this is a great way to establish a brand and contribute something of value to humanity.


A Bit of Customer Appreciation


Brands that reward loyalty are brands that people remember. If you know that you will get a free pizza after you buy ten, you are more likely to go to that particular pizza place every time you want one. Customers know that when they are long-standing devotees of a brand, there will be rewards. Customer loyalty could be relevant in your donation receipt ideas.


When customers donate to your company, you should find unique and creative ways to thank and reward them. Offer them a discount on their next purchase. People often appreciate even small gifts, such as a bookmark or a pen, or a $3 gift card to a coffee shop (enough for a cup of coffee). Do not underestimate the value of giving. Customers like knowing that they are appreciated.


Overall, marketing and branding can require a lot of effort. But with a bit of creativity and insight, an entrepreneur can develop a successful business by following the model of other sustainable brands.

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