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Why Does This Social Enterprise Charge $57 for a Shirt?

Why Does This Social Enterprise Charge $57 for a Shirt?

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We wanted to take this opportunity to explain a few things. We’re sure there are questions about the price point. Some folks have never spent more than $40 on a shirt and can get one that appears similar for $30 from some store in the mall. And we want to be the first to tell you, it does appear similar so we want to explain some of the differences.


Our raw materials are sourced with integrity. First of all, this means that we will never sell or use sub-par materials. If you feel like we have, do not hesitate to contact us so we can make it right. When you touch our shirts, you will feel the quality difference in the fabric compared to chain discount stores. I have nothing against saving money, but they aren’t the same product. Integrity also means that we do our very best to ensure everyone is treated ethically throughout the supply chain. As the customer, dollar votes matter most, and you being our customer, allows us to be the suppliers’ customer. Thankfully, clothing is more transparent these days so we can make educated decisions to improve quality of life for all stakeholders.



Most importantly, the giving factor plays into the price. Again, you can buy a $30 shirt in a mall chain, but that’s not going to donate a school uniform to anyone. That’s not going to alleviate the stress of a single mom moving apartments every 3 months because her kids keep getting robbed on the way home from school.


Lastly, some of you may find this hard to believe, but for the product we create, $57 is a steal. From our market research, the average price of an oxford in America’s test market (Columbus, OH) is $68.50. That is for any run of the mill oxford. One better, the average price of an oxford that meets our integrity standards is $137.50.


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We want you to understand that we don’t expect to be your “I have a date tomorrow and don’t own a single collared shirt” shirt. We want to be your Christmas, graduation, promotion, honeymoon and “our first set of family pictures with our firstborn” shirt.


We love you guys and are humbled that you’ve allowed us to take this journey with you.

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