Meet Zebra Oasis, the Unique Sneaker That is 100% Recyclable

Meet Zebra Oasis, the Unique Sneaker

Say hello to Zebra Oasis, a unique shoes that can be completely detached by a single thread for 100% recycling.

Sadly, each year, millions of shoes end up being burned or added to landfills, adding to environmental pollution. Most shoes can’t be recycled because they can’t be separated into individual parts for proper recycling.

That’s where Zebra Oasis comes in. The team has spent over three years perfecting this solution, and they’re proud to offer it to you.

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  • 100% Truly Recyclable: Just pull out the patented R-ring(‘R’ stands for ‘Reboot’) inside the shoe to separate the parts for 100% recycling. See how to separate the Zebra Oasis shoes here.
  • Recycled-CO₂-injected sole: The 100% recyclable TPU foam utilizes innovative gas-assisted technology, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals in the foaming process and reducing existing CO₂.
  • World’s 1st Hemp Flynit Upper: Perfectly fit for every foot. Blister-free. Breathable & Durable, inherently environmentally sustainable.
  • No Dye & Machine-washable: No extra pollution and emission during the process.
  • Foldable & LightweightVersatile Design for All-day Wear including traveling, hiking, office work, etc.

Below is an interview Johnny Wen, Founder of Zebra Oasis.

Q: What was the Lightbulb Moment / Origin Story for Zebra Oasis?

I was a tailor for decades. 

So, in the spring of 2019, my daughter was born and I’ve been hanging out with her a bunch ever since. We love playing outside, which reminds me of when I was a kid and always wanted to be outdoors. 

Back then, it wasn’t as crazy hot as it is now, and it got me thinking about how we could make the world a better place for her to grow up in. 

That’s why I’m trying to make the industry more eco-friendly and starting to make these shoes.

Q: What is Your Company’s Mission and Vision?

Keep on enjoying the wonderful things nature has to offer, and let’s get more people on board with taking actions to protect the environment. 

Not because they’re worried, but because it’s starting to feel good and easy enough to do.

Q: How Does the Brand Impact Lives / Environment in a Positive Way?

Each year, the world produces an astounding 22 billion pairs of shoes, and that number is only increasing. 

While many of these shoes are made using eco-friendly materials and methods, they’re often difficult to take apart. 

This means they’re usually thrown away and end up polluting the environment and wasting precious resources through traditional landfill or incineration methods.

We designed our shoes to be easy to take apart when you need to throw them away. This makes it more likely that people will recycle them. 

We also made the soles out of a material that’s easy to reuse, which makes it more attractive for other companies to work with us on recycling. 

The upper part of the shoe is made from natural materials that won’t cause pollution, and will break down naturally in just a few months. 

And, of course, our shoes are really comfortable, so you can enjoy wearing them and feel good about helping the environment at the same time.

Q: What is One Piece of Advice You Would Give to Current and Emerging Social Entrepreneurs?

I believe that in the past, we created products and services to fulfill people’s desire for a better life. 

However, as social enterprises continue to emerge, we now have even more opportunities for innovation and market segmentation. 

By focusing on the core functions and emotional needs of products and services, we can break them down and find sustainable materials, production methods, and distribution channels that can be applied in practical ways. 

This is how we can create unique product experiences and unlock new market opportunities.

Q: What Tools do You Use to Run Your Company (Mailchimp, Shopify, Webflow, Slack, Salesforce…..)

Excel. Just kidding lol:)

Right now, we’re planning to start from a Kickstarter campaign very soon, we’re also operating on Shopify.

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