How These 3 Celebrity Social Entrepreneurs Are Using Their Influence To Drive Good


At some point, you’ve likely seen your favorite celebrity or influencer share about the issues that matter most to them, but these days many are going above and beyond when it comes to using their influence for good, and starting companies that make an impact.

Social impact companies started by celebrity social entrepreneurs in the public eye not only give us insight into the causes these personalities care about, but also give you, as their fan, a way to support their favorite cause by being a consumer of their work.

Rather than simply donating to an influencer’s charity, now we can use our purchasing power to support those stars that are striving to take bigger action through creative means, and together, make the world better.

Here are three of our favorite recognizable faces that are doing real good through business.

Ben Higgins

Celebrity Social Entrepreneurs Are Using Their Influence To Drive Good
Photo via @generous_coffee

You might recognize Ben from season 20 of ABC’s TV dating show “The Bachelor,” but since his 2016 search for love, Ben has shifted from his platform as America’s most eligible bachelor to a more grounded industry- coffee.

Ben and his partner Riley Fuller co-founded Generous Coffee, which invests 100% of its profits into nonprofit efforts focused on employing women, providing access to education, and empowering communities.

While Generous serves delicious and ethically-sourced coffee, the company also hopes to inspire a movement where generosity is the driver behind making a big impact. Be on the lookout for their first shop opening in 2019!

Nikki Reed

Photo via @bayouwithlove

Since her days playing Rosalie Hale in the Twilight Saga, Nikki Reed continues to be a powerhouse in everything she does from actress, screenwriter, and mother, to co-founder along with biz partner Morgan Bogel of the conscious jewelry company Bayou With Love.

The line, which consists of eco-friendly products with sustainability at its core, is both an advocate and leader in responsible and conscious consumerism. Through a recent collaboration with Dell, Bayou With Love tackled the e-waste problem by creating accessories out of gold extracted from Dell’s US recycling programs.

Joy Cho

Photo via @ohjoy

Popular blogger turned female founder, Joy Cho, has always found a way to inspire the power of positivity through her stories, designs, and now her business. The company Oh Joy! is a lifestyle brand celebrating life’s most joyful moments through design, fashion, and food.

Whether it’s through cheerful collaborations with big brands like Target, Petco, and Band-Aids or the celebration of the work of other designers, artists, and makers on her site, Oh Joy! continues to uplift us and give us the cheerful products we need to integrate into our daily lives.

Through partnerships with nonprofits like Baby2Baby, Oh Joy! is doing good while making everyone feel good!

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