Gifts for Good Finally Makes Corporate Gifting Awesome


Introducing Gifts for Good, a Los Angeles based start-up bringing the corporate world an online platform curating corporate gifting to bring forth premium, posh and purposeful gifts that give back. Founded by Laura Hertz, millennial entrepreneur, and Jerry Eisenberg, veteran businessman, Gifts for Good aims to integrate social good and giving back with corporate gifting all year-round.

“When a company supports a social or environmental issue, 92 percent of individuals say that they have a more positive image of the company. Giving back through gifting is an effortless way for companies to support charitable causes that are important to their employees and customers without adding a new line item to their budget,” said Laura Hertz, co-founder and chief executive officer of Gifts for Good. “We are proud to be the very first company anywhere to be solely focused on adding social impact to the already-existing and booming corporate gifting industry.”

Whether gifting for holidays, promotions, or thank yous, Gifts for Good has got it covered from handmade candles, to luxe leather totes, to unique wooden headphones. All gifts support a wide range of nonprofits and charitable causes including: children-in-need, economic development, environment, homelessness, health, women-at-risk, and more. Currently, their gifts support the work of over 40 nonprofits and social enterprises in 19 U.S. states and 65 countries around the globe.

Gifts for Good Finally Makes Corporate Gifting Awesome

You can all officially say goodbye to stress balls and meaningless, branded paperweights.

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