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Art has the ability to both reflect and shape the culture and society in which artists reside. From the movies we watch to the music we enjoy to the clothing we wear, the role art plays in our lives is undeniable. Despite the central role it plays, the arts are often undervalued and underappreciated. But today, changemakers in the creative economy are reshaping the ways we understand the world around us, and the ways in which we work, relax, and live our daily lives.

Best Mental Health Books
11 Best Mental Health Books

Mental health is so important, yet it’s something many of us struggle to prioritize. Reading…

Social Entrepreneur Books
24 Social Entrepreneur Books That Will Inspire You

Social Entrepreneurship has taken off and it has become an inspirational way to motivate many…

Must-Watch Sustainability Documentaries
12 Must-Watch Sustainability Documentaries

Sustainability documentaries have emerged as powerful tools to educate, inspire, and galvanize action. There are…

Artist Plastic Ocean - Tan-Zi XI
13 Incredible Artivists Using Recycled Materials in Their Art

Like a “phoenix out of the trashes” artists raise awareness of the pollution crisis and…

Miami Nonprofits and Social Enterprises
10 Miami Nonprofits and Social Enterprises Making a Difference

Miami, FL is home to a growing number of social enterprises, nonprofits, and businesses that…

Sam Sutaria, WaterBear CEO, Talks Empowering Conscious Citizens Through Digital Media
Sam Sutaria, WaterBear CEO, Talks Empowering Conscious Citizens Through Digital Media

In episode 176 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, I speak with Sam Sutaria, CEO…

mallory brown walk a mile
Mallory Brown’s Quest to Walk a Marathon, One Mile at a Time, Stepping Into the Shoes of Impoverished Women

In Episode 165 of the Disruptors for Good podcast, we speak with Mallory Brown, on her…

WaterBear Network Streamin Service for Climate
Meet WaterBear Network, the First Streaming Service Dedicated to Climate Action and Sustainability

In episode 141 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, Causeartist contributor Rafael Aldon, speaks with Ellen Windemuth,…

Portrayals of Mental Illness in the Media
Portrayals of Mental Illness in the Media Have Been Inaccurate and Dehumanizing. MTV Plans to Change That.

A recent study revealed the lack of truly representative portrayals of mental illness in the media. By working with experts, MTV hopes to be part of a new wave of positive mental health storytelling and activism.

Lecrae Speaks on Community Activism & Impact-Focused Ideas for Movie Night

Artists of all kinds are using their talents to inspire community activism and social change movements.

Cinema Verde Offers Employee Discounts For Environmental Film Streaming
6 Films About Social Impact and Sustainability to Stream

Social impact and sustainability are becoming central to contemporary film as our society feels increasingly entrenched in chaos. Whether they act as a backdrop to a larger story of romance or play the main focus of the film, social impact and sustainability have made a notable impact on the landscape of cinema.

Lecrae Causeartist
A Conversation with Lecrae on Using Music, Writing, Activism, and Venture Capital to Inspire Local Communities

In episode 94 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, I speak with Lecrae, the multiple Grammy…

Positivity Pays Releases Heroes Trading Cards Featuring Impact Leaders
Positivity Pays Releases Heroes Trading Cards Featuring Impact Leaders

The new deck of Heroes Trading Cards 2021 series, is the latest collection of full-color,…

Dustin Young - Co-founder of Our Own
Our Own is an Innovative Nonprofit Strengthening Underserved Communities Through Life-Changing Experiences

In episode 81 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, I speak with Dustin Young, Co-founder of Our…

Someone Somewhere Travel Bags
Social Good Lifestyle Label, Someone Somewhere, Expands in the United States

Someone Somewhere is a socially conscious fashion brand that started in Mexico in 2016. They…

Italian Craftsman
Crafted Society is on a Mission to Fund and Preserve the Artisans of Italy

In episode 45 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, I speak with Martin Johnston, Co-founder…

The Inspirational Story Behind the Creation of The Make-A-Wish Foundation

In Episode 23 of the Disruptors for Good podcast I speak with Frank Shankwitz, the…

Sports and the Environment
6 Ways Eco Friendly Sports are on the Rise

Like every global activity, such as industry and tourism, sports of today are starting to…

Chouette Films_sustainable_film_production
An Introduction To The Green Filmmaking Ecosystem And Sustainable Film Production

At Chouette Films, we merge the worlds of academia and/or the third sector with the…

Refugees with One Journey Festival
The One Journey Festival is Shifting the Narrative about Refugees

Six months ago, I joined the founding team of One Journey Festival, a grassroots coalition…

11 Social Good Ventures Impacting The World Through Music

Music is in all of our lives everyday. It has the power to make us…

Tribalingual Helps Anyone Learn And Save The Most Endangered Languages in The World

Tribalingual is an online language learning platform that teaches rare and endangered languages through online…

Celebrities Impacting the World Through Social Enterprise Ventures
10 Inspiring Celebrities Doing Good Through Social Enterprise Ventures

As a creator who regularly interviews purpose-driven startup founders, I’m always checking my social media…

This Photographer Is Using Photos To Give Back And Promote Wildlife Conservation

Brian Zinke is a firm believer in community and giving back when you have the…