Modibodi is Smashing the Stigma Around Menstruation and Women’s Health


Modibodi creates modern underwear to support women through life’s “unmentionable” moments, from menstruation to leakage, and for all stages of a woman’s life, including girl and motherhood. The powerful panties come in all shapes and sizes, empowering the fearless woman wearing them.

Their underwear collections are made from the softest, sustainable fibres and are diverting thousands of sanitary products away from landfills across the globe! Each pair acts as that extra bit of confidence needed when facing any women’s health situation, and can be used as a stand-alone protection for menstruation, period overflow, discharge, perspiration and incontinence.

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The brand aims to break the stigma around women’s health topics and leads discussions online with influencers, publications and the general public, allowing women and men to openly discuss the normality of women’s health. The Australian, online business has quickly grown across the U.S. and Canada, and is looking forward to an exciting year ahead as they begin to launch their dedicated European and UK websites!

See below for a Q & A with Modibodi CEO and Founder, Kristy Chong, and learn about their 1 for 2 model through the Give a Pair Program!

Aside from all the benefits of Modibodi, these are the most comfortable undies ever! Tell us about the sustainable fabrics used, and how you source them when producing your Modibodi collections.

Throughout our collections we use certified Organic Bamboo, as well as sustainable fabrics such as Smart Merino. It’s essential that we are able integrate sustainable and durable fibers and fabrics in our product range. We have an extensive range of suppliers we work with who assist us in sourcing innovative, sustainable and high-tech fibers & fabrics.

How much liquid does a pair of Modibodi’s hold? 

Modibodi™ period, pee and perspiration proof undergarments feature our exclusive Modifier Technology™ and are available in 4 absorbances including super light (2.5ml = ½ tampon or ½ teaspoon), Light-Moderate (10ml = 1-1½ tampons or 1-2 teaspoons), Moderate to Heavy (15ml = 1½ – 2 tampons or 2 teaspoons) and Heavy/Overnight absorbencies (15-20 ml = 2 tampons or 3 teaspoons).

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We love the diversity in your collections including sizes and the cycle of womanhood, from girl to mother. How have you found this has affected or will affect your community of consumers?

Modibodi originally launched with women’s sizes and in 3 short years has evolved to cater for anyone of any age, from first periods, pre-teens, pre & post pregnancy, through to perimenopause and beyond.

Our community has grown exponentially and speaking to parents allows us to introduce young women to Modibodi and provide them with a sustainable, comfortable and empowering product that can be with them throughout their lives.


Tell us about the Modibodi Give a Pair Program!

As the issues of women’s health and rights are so close to my heart, I have made it a core pillar from the outset that Modibodi support women in need. We have worked in partnership with initiatives such as Share the Dignity, the McGrath Foundation and School for Life and felt it was time to established the ‘Give a Pair’ initiative to directly deliver product into the hands of women in need, and raise funds through direct sales of product.

Customers across the globe can ‘make a virtual donation’ on and Modibodi will donate a pair of Modibodi underwear to young girls & women in need across the global. We also pledge to match all donations our customers make, therefore each time you purchase a GIVE A PAIR garment, you are essentially provide 2 women life changing underwear!

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How do you think Modibodi is breaking the stigma on menstruation and leakage?

As a female Founder, I’m on a mission together with the Modibodi team to break long standing societal taboos to create better understanding and support for very common women’s health issues, and I am leading the way by encouraging women to join the conversation and not feel ashamed. We open dialogue, speak about the topics that traditionally would be taboo and champion women of influence and media to speak about periods, incontinence, discharge and sweat. It’s important to educate not just young women and women of all ages, but young men as well to ensure the stigmas surrounding periods, incontinence, discharge and sweat is removed. No one should feel ashamed when it comes to their bodies.

Through Modibodi, we are also advocates for the real woman and building body positivity among girls and women, and consequently do not permit airbrushing or photoshopping of models bodies in any campaigns, and chooses to use models from diverse backgrounds.

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