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Cast Your Vote in the Young Social Entrepreneur Contest

Cast Your Vote in the Young Social Entrepreneur Contest



photo by: Hamza Ullah


Vote for your favorite Young Social Entrepreneur!


One of these four innovative social enterprises will win a free booth at the upcoming Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo in Toronto, Canada. The Expo is Canada’s largest gathering of businesses promoting an ethical, fair and healthy economy. Read about each business and cast your vote today!


Join us at the Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo on May 13th and 14th 2017 to meet the winning social enterprise!


Wandervoic – An Enterprise Combining Travel, Graphic Design and Social Good – Ivanna Hreshchuk and Anna Afshar




They travel, they immerse ourselves in the various cultures of disadvantaged communities, they create unique art that depicts the beauty of the places they have travelled and a portion of the proceeds go back to those communities. Through Wandervoic, they invite you to join them to remote areas of the world where they take you on a journey that you can follow through their travel blog and physically experience through their art. Not only do they hope to transport you to these places in the world, they also hope to enable people to give directly back to the communities they are experiencing.


Kanekta – A B2B Marketplace for Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Products – Priyanka Vasudev, Sheen Sagalongos and Fran Aguila


Kanekta Headshot


Kanekta is a consciously curated B2B marketplace that connects ethical fashion and lifestyle brands operating out of sweatshop prone regions to retailers across North America. Their mission is to normalize ethical purchasing within the mainstream market, by fostering producer growth, boosting consumer consciousness and shifting retail buying practices to support ethical alternatives.


By exposing these brands to new markets, they grow, they scale and are thus able to divert more individuals away from a cycle of exploitation and closer to creating community crafted change. Kanekta believes that retailers can and should source their products from outlets that generate positive social and environmental impact. This is the reason why they commit to partnering with brands that share their goal of empowering both local artisans and their surrounding communities through prioritizing a worker’s livelihood, safe labor conditions and environmental sustainability.


Elevate Global – Handcrafted Leather Goods that are Creating Opportunity – Brandon Hotz and Jessica Hotz


Elevate Headshot


Elevate Global aims to raise people up to a higher position by giving opportunities that lead to holistic empowerment. These opportunities include Educational Scholarships, Business Start Up Support and Vocational Training. Through their handcrafted leather goods, they are able to create opportunities with their artisans so they can better provide for themselves and their families. The arrow in their logo is symbolic of their purpose: to lift people up to a high position. Their hope is that you proudly wear/use your ELEVATE products knowing that you did your part to lift up the life of someone in need.


Cleanopy – A Portable Device Protecting Children from Air Pollution – Natalia Mykhaylova


Cleanopy Headshot


Air pollution kills 7 million people annually and more than 80% of people living in urban areas are exposed to air quality levels that exceed WHO limits. Cleanopy has developed a unique portable device for children that offers continuous indoor and outdoor protection from air pollution and allergens. We have developed filters that are more effective at purifying the air from more contaminants, the integrated sensors provide pollution analytics and maintenance alerts and air circulation technology ensures effectiveness outdoors. The devices are capable of distinguishing pollution sources and informing the users about ways they can reduce local air pollution.


Join us at the Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo on May 13th and 14th 2017 to meet the winning social enterprise!


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