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Empowering Marginalized Youth Through Impact Tourism

Empowering Marginalized Youth Through Impact Tourism


In Episode 2 of the Impact India podcast, I sit down with Fahim Vora, co-founder of Be the Local tours, outside Mahim Junction railway station in Mumbai on a couple of parked scooties.

Be the Local Tours is a Mumbai-based impact tourism company that trains and employs marginalized students from Dharavi, the infamous slum area of India. Fahim dives into his journey of becoming an entrepreneur as a marginalized man in Mumbai having been born and raised in Dharavi.

“We were seeing foreigners, providing part time jobs to our friends and shutting down the negativity about the community.”

Fahim Vora, Be the Local Tours

Tune in to hear:

  • Fahim’s story growing up in Dharavi
  • The importance of providing opportunity to marginalized youth
  • How impact tourism can address poverty

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