Hasten Ventures on Developing Large Scale Ecosystem Regeneration Projects

Rafael Aldon
Hasten Ventures podcast

In episode 44 of the Investing in Impact podcast, Causeartist contributor Rafael Aldon, speaks with Sheeba Sen, Co-founder of Hasten Ventures, on developing large scale ecosystem regeneration projects.

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Sheeba Sen is the co-founder of Hasten Ventures. Before Hasten Ventures, she was the Founder and CEO at Alaap, an organization working in Kumaon to bring back the native forests of the Himalayas through innovative community driven models.

She’s studied Law at Oxford University and International Relations at LSE before working for Aarohi as an Executive Head.

Hasten Ventures on Developing Large Scale Ecosystem Regeneration Projects

About Hasten Ventures

Hasten Ventures designs and develops large scale ecosystem regeneration projects. Their approach is founded on bundling regenerative technologies and processes to address forests, water, soil, food and energy needs of a landscape and its people.

Through the implementation of high quality and high integrity projects, Hasten aims to sequester and store CO2 at scale, exponentially improve biodiversity in the region, significantly improve water and soil assets and create economic engines of growth in the project regions.

At the heart of the projects is ecosystem restoration through regenerative forest, air, water, soil, food, and energy solutions using an integrated systems approach.

The goal of Hasten Ventures is to build natural capital infrastructure to heal the planet while creating opportunities for economic development & social equity.

Their goals include:

  • Create dense native forests comprising 500 million trees by 2030
  • Sequester 100 million tonnes of CO2e by 2030
  • Increase biodiversity exponentially in all projects
  • Create long term sustainable livelihoods for local communities

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