Lindsey Siegele

With a formal education in journalism and mass communications, Lindsey has spent her professional life helping national brands and publications hone their voices and grow their digital audiences. She is a co-founder of Bark Media, a content marketing agency dedicated to telling the stories of impact brands.

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The MODHER Maya Crossbody Sustainable Handbag
MODHER Is Pushing the Limits of Eco-Friendly Fashion with Its New Sustainable Handbag Line

MODHER put meticulous thought into every part of its new Maya Crossbody bag, from the leather tanning to the thread, creating a truly groundbreaking sustainable handbag.

ESG & the Transformation of Business Education in the Fashion Industry

We talk to Fordham University’s Responsible Business Coalition’s Executive Director Frank Zambrelli about the transformation of business education to cater to the growing focus on ESG investing – particularly in the fashion industry.

ESG Investing - Retirement Plan
Is Your Retirement Plan Invested According to Your Values? A Look at ESG Investing and Better Retirement Plan Options

An ESG investing framework offers financial managers valuable data about how companies perform and behave, beyond their financials. Better information about companies’ environmental, social, and governance efforts gives everyone planning for retirement a chance to better align their retirement plan investments with their values.

Portrayals of Mental Illness in the Media
Portrayals of Mental Illness in the Media Have Been Inaccurate and Dehumanizing. MTV Plans to Change That.

A recent study revealed the lack of truly representative portrayals of mental illness in the media. By working with experts, MTV hopes to be part of a new wave of positive mental health storytelling and activism.

a series of pet products in squares
7 Ethical, Eco Friendly, and Sustainable Pet Products Your Furry Friend Will Adore

The best ethical and sustainable pet products are those that keep your pet happy and healthy without harming the planet or people. Here are six of our top picks.

These 6 Ethical Fashion and Lifestyle Brands Are the Future of Style and Luxury

Smarter sourcing. Sustainable materials. Better working conditions. Models that give back. These ethical fashion and lifestyle brands are breaking the fast-fashion mold to create something truly beautiful and kind.