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Breaking the Stigma on Transportation with Delhi By Cycle

Breaking the Stigma on Transportation with Delhi By Cycle


In Episode 3 of the Impact India podcast, I meet with Himanshu Shekhar, owner of Delhi By Cycle, at The Red Kettle Cafe.

Himanshu cycled across India 3300km(2050 miles) to understand India and its land better! After a few years in finance & business, realized his true calling for stories, travel and human connections.

Delhi by Cycle is India’s first cycling tour company based in New Delhi. Himanshu dives into his passion for cycling and why New Delhi is the most beautiful city in India, along with his journey in entrepreneurship coming from a finance background.

Tune in to hear:

  • How the company is smashing the stigma around cycling
  • How modes of transportation are associated with the caste system
  • Himanshu’s journey in advocating for cycling lanes in a city overcome by traffic and pollution 

“You can conquer a whole body but you can’t conquer the heart”

Himanshu Shekhar, founder

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