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What’s up everybody, this is Grant at Causeartist. Welcome to the Disruptors for Good Brief, where we dive into the top 5 stories of the day related to impact startups transforming the sustainable and regenerative economy.

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First up is Telo Trucks, an electric-vehicle startup, that has captured the attention of enthusiasts and fleet customers, has raised $5.4 million in funding from Neo and Spero Ventures.

While compact trucks seemed outdated, Telo Trucks has initiated a new trend, securing nearly 3,000 reservations with their prototypes.

With Spero’s venture partner and Tesla co-founder, Marc Tarpenning, on their board, Telo Trucks is set to revolutionize compact electric trucks.


Next up is healthtech., a company with an innovative approach to managing and reversing type 2 and pre-diabetes, has raised $5 million in a recent round led by B Capital.

This influx of capital will be dedicated to expanding their technology and accelerating R&D. With over 30,000 users and 7 clinics in Bengaluru, India, they are proving the model can scale with impactful results.


Next up we move to climate tech. CarbonCapture Inc. has raised an eye-popping $80 million in a Series A funding round. The company is pushing forward with the ambition to decarbonize the atmosphere, aided by strategic investors such as Aramco Ventures, Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, and Siemens Financial Services.

They are designing modular DAC systems to capture CO2 right out of the air, and with over $26 million in carbon removal credit sales, this has positioned the company as a heavyweight in the sector.


Moving to the aquaculture scene, Kuehnle AgroSystems, a microalgal production company, has secured a $3 million investment led by S2G Ventures.

They plan to revolutionize the market with superior natural algae astaxanthin production, targeting to supplant synthetic alternatives made from petrochemicals.

Their method is notable for its eco-friendliness and also for generating greater yields at reduced costs.

What is Astaxanthin? It’s a red, fat-soluble pigment found in marine animals, microalgae, and yeast, often referred to as “super vitamin E” because its antioxidant activity surpasses that of other carotenoids and vitamins C and E.


Lastly, some big news from the tech giant IBM. They’ve pledged a massive $45 million to their social impact program, the IBM Sustainability Accelerator.

The aim? To boost city resiliency through technological climate adaptation innovations. Addressing major urbanization challenges, IBM is targeting projects that create sustainable cities and communities.

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