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What’s up everybody, this is Grant at Causeartist. Welcome to the Disruptors for Good Brief, where we dive into the top 5 stories of the day related to impact startups transforming the sustainable and regenerative economy.

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Starting off with an inspiring development in the tech-for-good sector, Empathy, a platform born out of a mission to revolutionize bereavement care, has raised $47 million in their Series B funding round.

Empathy will continue to invest in growth and doubling down on support for families grappling with loss. With a reach of over 5 million lives and a 400% revenue increase in 2023, Empathy’s dedication to fostering a more compassionate economy is more evident than ever.


Next up is Serenity Kids, a shelf-stable pouched baby food brand, has closed a $52 million Series B round. Their Ethically Sourced Meat Pouches are top performers, offering healthy meat-based protein alternatives to conventional fruit purees. Serenity Carr, CEO and Co-Founder, was named one of Inc’s 200 Best Female Founders in 2023.

The company ensures premium ingredients without antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, fillers, or allergens. All products are tested for over 200 contaminants and made with ethically sourced, regeneratively farmed meats, and USDA Organic vegetables, herbs, and spices.


Women’s healthcare innovation takes center stage with the launch of Iron Health alongside a seed investment of $4.5 million. The platform, which streamlines the connection between OB/GYNs and specialty care, received a strategic investment from the March of Dimes’ Innovation Fund.

Iron Health emerges from Redesign Health and is primed to address the dire healthcare needs of women across the U.S., amplifying access to care and fortifying the infrastructure around maternal and infant health.


Now, let’s take a look at the latest in the plant-based revolution. MALK Organics, the innovative brand behind alternative milks, has secured a fresh funding round.

MALK is expanding its clean, organic lineup with three new entries and is ramping up its retail footprint, including a nationwide rollout at Whole Foods. MALK’s commitment to purity and simplicity is setting a new standard for responsible consumption and clean ingredient transparency.


Our final story propels us to Nigeria where MDaaS, a health tech company, secured $3 million in pre-Series A funding to broaden healthcare access and grow its network of diagnostic centers.

The investment, led by Aruwa Capital, fuels the launch of BeaconOS and foresees the expansion of the company’s vision to cover all Nigerian states.

By focusing on preventive care and diagnostics, MDaaS is combating the healthcare challenges rampant in the region, with a special emphasis on services catering to women’s health.

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