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CRSP Is A New Slow Fashion Startup With An Innovative & Sustainable Subscription Model

CRSP Is A New Slow Fashion Startup With An Innovative & Sustainable Subscription Model

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Meet the new slow fashion startup CRSP. A convenient (and affordable) way to routinely receive new premium basic tees and responsibly retire old ones. The brand was built with a purpose: to cut out the hassle and close the textile waste loop. Think of it as “your wardrobe basics hacked”! Wear new tees, send back old tees, repeat every 3 months. Sexy, simple & sustainable!


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Say hello to Sarah Wissel and Kim Stiefel, the founders of the new sustainable startup CRSP.


Over the last year, the Sarah and Kim took a deep dive into the world of fast fashion. What they found is that consumerism is a linear cycle with disastrous environmental and societal side effects. Produce, consume, dispose. Produce, consume, dispose. Wash, rinse, repeat.




Consider this!!!!!!!!


  1. On average, Americans today buy 64 clothing items and 7 pairs of shoes each year. In the 90s, they bought half of that annually.
  2. Americans discard 15.1 million tons of clothing and textiles per year (65-70 lbs. per person) and 85% end up in landfills. It takes a long time for this stuff to decompose (like 50+ years) — and as it does, it produces carbon dioxide and methane that contribute dramatically to global warming.


Climate change is not a hoax, I repeat climate change is not a hoax. Shit. Sorry, we digress… – Sarah Wissel and Kim Stiefel

If you’re interested in learning more about fast fashion CRSP highly recommends watching the documentary, The True Cost.  


CRSP was inspired from the inside out. It represents the end of an empowering personal journey and a creative solution to a problem that we have come to care deeply about.


Below is a quick Q&A with the founders of CRSP!!!!!!!




Get the Causeartist discount when you checkout – code : CAUSE10


What do you most love about the business model you and CRSP are building?



I think our model —1. Introducing the circular economy, in place of a linear one 2. closing the loop on toxic cotton waste by incepting old tees and 3. Our commitment to doing everything we can to be Net Positive (putting more back into society, the economy and the environment than we take out) is what makes us unique.


We’re really more of a truly sustainable lifestyle brand that happens to make super sexy, super soft tees!


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Your refresh packs provide the option for customers to send back old t-shirts that are no longer being worn. What does your recycling or upcycling process look like once you’ve received them?


We’ll be joining forces with Evrnu, whose groundbreaking technology converts post consumer cotton waste into pulp which is then rewoven into a new fabric that is as premium as silk and as strong as cotton. We will be acting as a waste supplier for a specific project that Evernu is working on — a project to turn post consumer cotton waste into fabric used to make jeans! Pretty cool, right?! Textile waste loop–closed.






Can you give us a hint at what additional packs will be available in the future?


We recently launched our full site and will be offering a men’s and women’s crew pack, a men’s and women’s v neck pack AND a special, limited run seasonal style which can be added at checkout 🙂 You’ll just have to come check it out for yourself to find out what that is! But I can tell you that it’s super sexy 😉 😉




Get the Causeartist discount when you checkout – code : CAUSE10

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