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5 Ethical Cleaning Companies That Will Inspire You To Freshen Up Your Home

5 Ethical Cleaning Companies That Will Inspire You To Freshen Up Your Home


One of the very first areas in my home I wanted to give a MAD makeover was my cleaning supplies. I was shocked when I scanned a few of my go-to cleaners and saw the enormous list of ten syllable chemicals. Then I checked the packaging and, low and behold, they weren’t even recyclable! Dig a little deeper and you find that they test their products on animals.

Ick! Then, the cherry on top, they manufacture in foreign countries with zero labor laws to protect employees from mistreatment. Needless to say, I was on a hunt for ethical cleaning companies who checked all three boxes– people, planet, animals. I was thrilled to discover there were several ethical cleaning companies giving the leading brands a run for their money.

Here is a list of my Top 5 Favorites:

1. Seventh Generation

Photo via: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is an incredible, change-making company that goes beyond just making great products. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified as well as a certified B Corp, they stand behind their brand and are committed to making a difference.

They have also gone a step further by starting their own foundation which “focuses on stewarding social and environmental progress in the communities where we live, work and do business through education, environmental conservation, research and advocacy.” They use healthy, natural ingredients that are safe for people, planet and animals (certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free). Check out their #ComeClean Campaign.

2. Rebel Green

Photo via: Rebel Green

Just as their name denotes, Rebel Green is a USA made company that seeks to turn the corporate cleaning product industry on its head. Not only do they focus on sustainable and ethical manufacturing and create products with natural, nontoxic ingredients, they partner with several organizations to provide clean air, water and food throughout the world. They are certified organic and cruelty-free as well as WOSB and WBENC, two organizations that promote women-owned businesses.

3. Method

Photo via: Method

As far as certifications go, Method boasts a long list. LEED, B-Corp, cruelty-free, and C2C. What does all of this mean? That they’re crushing it MAD style. They’ve even developed what they call the Benefit Blueprint, which is a plan of action to grow their business in benefiting the world as a whole—that means people, planet, animals. Check out their entire blueprint!


Photo via: ECOS

As a family business gal, I appreciate other family-run businesses. Which is why ECOS, a family owned and operated company since 1967, has my full respect. They also care about PPA (people, planet, animals). Their cruelty-free, people and pet safe products are manufactured in a facility powered by renewable energy using zero-waste guidelines.

5. Grove Collaborative

Photo via: Grove Collaborative

Grove is slightly different from the other four ethical cleaning companies: they are actually an online market and subscription service that sells several brands of cleaning and personal care products. They are a great resource for quickly grabbing everything you need to clean your house. They are a certified B Corp and they list the values that each product matches in the product description- whether the product is recyclable, made in the USA , organic, etc. And don’t worry, whatever is not made in the USA is responsibly made!

This article is part of our MAD Living series, where we discuss all the ways you can convert your home and lifestyle to be more ethical and sustainable.

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