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11 Must Shop Online Ethical Marketplaces to Find The Best Products That Give Back

11 Must Shop Online Ethical Marketplaces to Find The Best Products That Give Back


Here is a list of some of the best ethical marketplaces on the web to shop for social good products. Some of these marketplaces our social enterprises themselves. They give back some of their profits as do the products they feature on their site. Ethical shopping can be difficult sometimes, especially trusting the site you are shopping from. The list below includes ethical marketplaces that are trustworthy and top notch. Take some time and browse through these ethical marketplaces and bookmark the ones you like the best, so you have them saved for future use.


Must Shop Online Ethical Marketplaces to Find The Best Products That Give Back

DoneGood was created with a simple mission: to make it quick, easy and affordable to use our purchasing power for good. When you give a business your money, you want to know you’re getting a quality product, and that your money will be used in a way that fits your beliefs.

Americans give $400 billion to charity each year, but we spend $130 trillion buying everyday items. Redirecting even a small percentage of this spending to brands that are reducing poverty, fighting climate change, and otherwise making the world better would make a huge impact. The dollars we spend can be the world’s most powerful force for change.

Fair Anita


Fair Anita is a Public Benefit Corporation committed to creating economic opportunities for marginalized women all over the globe. Founder, Joy McBrien’s core belief is investing in women at every level. After learning financial insecurity was the #1 reason women stay in abusive relationships, Joy and the Fair Anita team set out to create fair trade jobs for women in need. Years ago as a senior in high school Joy fell victim to rape. She decided not tell anyone about it, but started doing a lot of research on the dark subject matter she had experienced. In much of her research she learned that Peru has the highest reported rate of domestic violence in the world at 70%!!!!!.

Mercado Global

Mercado Global

Mercado Global is a Brooklyn-based accessory brand and non-profit that empowers rural Latin American women to become entrepreneurs. Through donor-funded business education and leadership programs, they help women create community businesses to support themselves and their families. By designing collections for the international market while using traditional local weaving techniques, they are changing the status quo for women, communities, and the industry.


Eco-Stylist is an online marketplace for eco-conscious and ethically made men’s clothing. Founded to answer one simple question: “can sustainable be dapper?” — Eco-Stylist finds you clothes that look as good as the values they represent.

Who wants to wear clothes made with child labor and toxic chemicals? Not you. Not us. From organic cotton oxfords to zero waste hats and sunglasses made from recycled plastic bottles, everything at Eco-Stylist is eco-friendly, socially responsible, and ethically sourced.

At Eco-Stylist all ethical and sustainable brands are first researched with Remake’s sustainable brand criteria. This framework looks at the brand’s impact on both people and the environment. Through this framework the company thoroughly researches all of the brands on the platform, measuring the brand’s environmental and social impact. Finding sustainably and ethically made clothes can be hard work, Eco-Stylist makes it easy!



A new startup called ISHKAR creates products from carpets designed by Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid, through to hand blown glass from Afghanistan’s last remaining glass workshop. The founder of ISHKAR, Edmund Le Brun, recently returned from Afghanistan after living there for three years. Through the work done with the Turquoise Mountain Foundation, Edmund discovered a side to Afghanistan rarely seen in the media. Talented craftsmen using age-old techniques and local natural materials to create objects with lasting character and soul. Afghanistan’s craftsmen – like many of those in other countries at war – face a single common challenge: how to get their work in front of customers abroad?

Madison Grace Boutique

Madison Grace Boutique

Madison Grace is an accessories boutique with purpose where everything is ethically made, sustainably designed and effortlessly chic for the women who give-a-care about people and planet. The company exists to inspire women who give-a-care that an ethically conscious lifestyle not only does good but can look good too. They envision a  world where ‘giving a care’ about people, planet, philanthropy and customer passion is the norm so we can finally rest and move on with our lives!

Artisan and Fox


The social impact startup – Artisan & Fox, has created a ethical fashion marketplace for artisans from the four corners of the world to change the status quo. The result? Sophisticated style for the mindful fashionista. And for its artisans, the guarantee of a fair price and increased incomes. The social enterprise empowers independent artisans by plugging them into the online market, connecting them to mindful consumers globally. After a successful pilot with Nepali artisans in 2016, Artisan & Fox has expanded to working with artisan communities in Afghanistan, Kenya, Guatemala and Mexico.

Gifts for Good


Gifts for Good, a Los Angeles based start-up bringing the corporate world an online platform curating corporate gifting to bring forth premium, posh and purposeful gifts that give back. Founded by Laura Hertz, millennial entrepreneur, and Jerry Eisenberg, veteran businessman, Gifts for Good aims to integrate social good and giving back with corporate gifting all year-round. Whether gifting for holidays, promotions, or thank yous, Gifts for Good has got it covered from handmade candles, to luxe leather totes, to unique wooden headphones. All gifts support a wide range of nonprofits and charitable causes including: children-in-need, economic development, environment, homelessness, health, women-at-risk, and more. Currently, their gifts support the work of over 40 nonprofits and social enterprises in 19 U.S. states and 65 countries around the globe.

Cambio & Co.


Cambio & Co. is an online boutique for handmade and ethically sourced products. They are selling recycled cards made by former victims of sex trafficking, jewelry made from upcycled T-shirts, vegan hair accessories to help species at risk and many more ethical products. Every purchase supports social enterprise partners and gives back to a social cause.

Azura Bay


Azura Bay is an online boutique that offers women a way to shop for stylish lingerie, swim, and loungewear by their values. All products and brands are selected based on their ethical production, local options, artisan & handmade production, Fair Trade and eco-friendly fabrics and production processes. Headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, Azura Bay considers both Canadian and American brands as local options, and carries brands  from Montreal, New York, California, and one from Colorado that uses certified Fair Trade production outside of North America.



The secondtoNAKED platform makes it easy for eco-conscious women to find sustainable and ethical styles in activewear, and athleisure apparel. secondtoNAKED promotes creative brands and designers that are taking on the challenge of sustainability and local manufacturing. It exclusively features activewear and apparel that is made from organic, alternative or recycled raw materials, and clothes that are made locally in the USA. Founder and CEO Bastien Faure created secondtoNAKED to reduce the environmental footprint of the fashion industry, which is currently the second largest polluter on the planet––right after oil.

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