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New Independent Print Magazine Tells The Stories Of Individuals Impacting Lives Around The World

New Independent Print Magazine Tells The Stories Of Individuals Impacting Lives Around The World


For magazine is a brand new independent print magazine highlighting universal topics facing humanity and approaching each subject with an optimistic attitude. With interviews from around the world, each story and article focuses on inspiring individuals who empower readers to create change in their own communities.

The premiere issue, For: Maturing, focuses on aging – with 156 pages of 10 exclusive features from 13 countries in 5 languages. Featured individuals come from a wide range of countries and experiences, including Delis Palacios, a Colombian community representative in the recent peace treaty negotiations; former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in a personal conversation with actress and activist Sheri Mann Stewart about his lifelong fight for human rights; and Academy Award-nominated artist JR (full list below).


As a unique expression of the issue’s theme of maturing, a very special limited-edition cover will be released later this summer – produced to change as it ages. A hidden personal message from the cover subject will only reveal over time, using a special photochromic ink that starts near-invisible and changes color to become visible through exposure to ultraviolet light.

For Magazine is all about inspiring individuals and the communities they live and work in. In our first issue, we are excited to be able to celebrate people from around the world who are doing amazing things around maturing.” said Katherine Durgin-Bruce, Editor-in-Chief of For magazine. “Personal stories can have an inspiring and empowering effect on people, and we believe that every individual in the world can make a difference.”

“In today’s political landscape, with growing nationalism and fast-paced media, there is a real need for positivity. There are individuals around the world who are taking selfless action to improve lives for others, and we want to share these inspiring stories.” said Patrick Durgin-Bruce, Creative Director of For magazine“We hope that we can help build a global sense of cultural empathy, and inspire more personal actions.”

The second issue will be on the topic of Belonging, focusing on individuals who help others find community, exploring how location and culture affect our sense of identity. We are currently taking story submissions.

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Issue 1, For: Maturing Articles

Fashion designer Fanny Karst founded The Old Ladies Rebellion. She designs for “an intergenerational revolution,” proving one can be elegant and cool at any age.

Architect Mattias Hollwich is on a mission to redesign how we age by rethinking how our environments and communities shape our entire lives.

Spiritual leader Mãe Nega explores the fluidity of time in the Umbanda religious tradition in Brazil, leading a group that feeds their community through soup and spirituality.

Museum curator Weeraphong Kangwannavakul encourages elders in Thailand to recreate the toys and games of their youth to revive play within their communities.

We take a personal journey with Delis Palacios, who survived the Bojayá massacre in Colombia in 2002, and went on to become an activist and community representative during the recent peace treaty negotiations.

We look at Wrinkles of the City, a project by Academy Award-nominated artist JR in which he pastes  large-scale portraits of older citizens directly onto buildings to connect the community with its older citizens.

Former U.S. President and peace activist Jimmy Carter has a personal conversation with family friend Sheri Mann Stewart about his lifelong commitment to human rights.

Environmental gerontologist Dr. Emi Kiyota, who founded the intergenerational Ibasho Centers in Japan, Nepal, and the Philippines, says the key to aging happily can be found in a place where everyone can serve others and find a sense of belonging.

Writer and activist Ashton Applewhite points out ageism and fights back.

Cook Guillermina Muñoz preserves indigenous cooking traditions in Mexico using traditional tools, techniques, and ingredients.


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