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Fridays For Future: 3 Easy Ways To Save The Planet In Spectacular Fashion

Fridays For Future: 3 Easy Ways To Save The Planet In Spectacular Fashion


Yesterday we assisted to what I believe has been one of the most beautiful and inspiring events of the last period: Fridays For Future.

Very quickly, Fridays For Future is a global movement composed mainly by students who, tired of seeing the “adults” destroying the planet, decided to skip school for one day and march for the climate.

The initiative, based on the inspiring speech given by the 15-year-old Greta Thunberg at the UN Climate Change Conference, put together kids from more than 100 countries to make their voice loud and clear.

And I feel that the message passed pretty well: we want a world where we don’t pollute and destroy every angle of our home as if this was not our only planet; a world where we all have access to safe water; and a world where we don’t treat animals as objects that we own by right.

Now, I might not be a top-notch expert on climate change and CO2 emissions, but I know a thing or two about saving water and how even our smallest actions can largely impact the planet. For this reason, I decided to give my contribution and list 3 easy ways to follow up the march in spectacular fashion.

Become a Marvel’s Avenger: Eat Your Veggies

Wait, what? Oh yes, what we eat has a huge impact on the planet and on water; way larger than what we could imagine. Did you know that producing a 100gr Hamburger takes 2,500 liters, 660 gallons, of water?  Yes, you got that one right again, 2,500 liters of water is what it takes to produce 1 hamburger. Do you know how much water is used, on the other hand, to grow 1kg of broccoli? Only 283 liters, or 75 gallons. To put it down in a single sentence, not eating that burger saves more water than not showering for two months.

Someone who knows this very well is Dave Bautista, better known as Drax the Destroyer, from Guardians of the Galaxy. The scarily large actor has been vegan for years now, and he is not the only Avenger to follow the eco-friendly lifestyle. Benedict Cumberbatch, Doctor Strange, is another well-known vegan, while The God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, decided to cut off meat completely in order to stay in his godly shape during the shooting of Infinity War.

The good news for all the meat eaters out there is that you don’t have to turn vegan or vegetarian to have an impact. You can simply reduce your meat consumption, maybe by deciding to go meat-free one day a week. It’s that easy. Should you need a few recipes to turn around your dietary habits, I have one more tip for you: jump on Instagram, search for the #MeatlessMonday hashtag and you’ll be ready to go. By the way, do you know who is one of the biggest advocates for the #MeatlessMonday? Mark Ruffalo, The Hulk.

Be Fancy, Use Reusable Water Bottles

As you may have sensed from the veggies, everything we buy, eat or wear has a water footprint, and water bottles are no exception. To be more precise, producing a plastic bottle takes twice as much the water contained in it. Luckily enough, we have a fashionable and ethical solution to this problem: reusable water bottles.

Reusable water bottles are so cool that even Ralph Lauren decided to make their own, and they produced them in collaboration with Give Me Tap, a groundbreaking company in the sector.

In this regard, I want to make a shout out to Jerry Bottle as well, a brand with whom I had the pleasure to collaborate in the past. Both companies also finance clean water projects with every bottle they sell.

What I like about this tip is that not only you save water, but you also help the environment by preventing tons of plastic to end up in our oceans.

Be fancy, use reusable bottles!

Rock Your Day Up With Music

Fridays For Future: 3 Easy Ways To Save The Planet In Spectacular Fashion

This is a fun tip that I learned from Valeria Hinojosa, also known as Water Thru Skin, an inspiring social entrepreneur and blogger from Miami. When you are taking your morning shower, put on a beautiful song, enjoy the vibes as much as you can while under the water and, as soon as it ends, end your shower as well. By following her advice you will rock your day up and you will likely keep the shower time under 5 minutes which, on average, will save 11 liters, 3 gallons, of water per day.

If you want to know more on how to be cool as hell while living consciously, definitely go follow her on Instagram! I mean, how could you possibly be more Rock and Roll than her?

I know that in the past living ethically was difficult and expensive, but things are evolving. Thanks to people like the students who manifested yesterday, the world is getting full of beautiful options: from ethical search engines to conscious fashion. We really can change things up, and we can do it in the coolest way ever!

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