KidBox Is Bringing Social Impact To Your Doorstep With Personalized Clothing


Kidbox is a new social impact brand utilizing the joy of opening a gift as a way to make an impact together. They use custom code to deliver personalized boxes of stylish clothes for boys, girls, and toddlers sizes 4-14, while simultaneously outfitting a child in need for every box purchased. Kidbox recognizes the simple act of opening a box can be a source of happiness that loves to be shared with others. By combining the cool experiences of getting & giving new clothes to those in need can empower kids to be socially responsible, and make an impact.

Every season, Kidbox prepares a box full of stylish pieces from well-loved brands, selected just for your kid. Whenever you keep the whole box, Kidbox will commit a donation of new clothes to children in needy families. Kidbox invites you to share with your kids the awesome experiences of getting & giving new clothes to others and fostering a culture of generosity. This is a new opportunity for kids and grown-ups to talk about how they can make an impact together.

Kidbox Cares (in partnership with K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers,) encourages families to choose the specific cause they wish the donation to support – whether it be military families, or children affected by natural disasters like the recent Mississippi floods. This encourages conscious giving in Kidbox Cares’ goal to donate clothes to one million needy children – potentially sparking the first real dialogue between parent and child about the importance of giving back.

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Below is a quick Q&A with the team at Kidbox

Does Kidbox work with any ethical clothing brands?

Finding ethical clothing brands to collaborate with is very important to us and is on our to-do list for future planning. We are always looking to discover companies who share our same mission—to give back to the community while providing an opportunity for parents to talk to their children about the values of giving back.

Does Kidbox provide any type of tips and information for parents to start conversations on social responsibility and social good?

Creating organic moments for parents to talk to their children about responsibility and social good are built into the DNA of the brand. As parents and kids receive a box of new clothing, we create an authentic opportunity to begin a conversation about those in need who never get new clothing and how we can help them.

That may be the very first conversation parents may have with their children about giving. The ability to choose a new needy recipient every time they receive a box educates children about giving at a very early age.

Through our donation program, our goal is to donate clothes to one million needy children. In addition to the brand itself, Kidbox recently launched a blog, The Scribble offering like-minded content and additional tips on helping parents to begin talking to their children about giving back.


What age group does Kidbox mostly cater to?

Kidbox sizes begin at toddler and extend to size 14, catering to all children within that size range.


Does Kidbox have a list of preferred charitable organizations that they donate clothing to, or does the buyer have full ownership over which charity is chosen?

We are currently partnered with K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers, the largest nonprofit dedicated to collecting and distributing new clothing to children of need in the United States. For every full box purchased, Kidbox with outfit a child in need. We try to encourage families to choose a specific cause they wish the donation to support, while starting the conversation about giving between parent and child.


Do you see the future of Kidbox including more than just apparel?

Absolutely! At this point, the sky’s the limit and there is no reason why we shouldn’t explore all opportunities.

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