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Koja is a Sustainable Fashion Startup Slowing Down the Fashion World

Koja is a Sustainable Fashion Startup Slowing Down the Fashion World



KOJA is the paradox of fast fashion. Old world values, new world style. KOJA, which means leather in Russian, is an ethically sourced, handmade leather coat company. The sweatshop-free coats are designed in New York, sourced from tanneries in Spain and Italy that only use material that is a byproduct of the meat industry, and handmade by artisans in Germany. Not to mention, not a day goes by without fair wages and benefits. KOJA offers the lifetime layer rather than seasonable fashion. Sustainability at its finest.

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Co-founded by her mother and herself, Diana Zwetzich has revived the classic ideals of the fashion industry. Opening just over one year ago, the 29-year-old entrepreneur has grown a company out of what started as her typical winter apparel her mother made back in Kazakhstan. As Kazakhstan is at roughly the same line of latitude as Northern Washington and the average winter temperature is around negative four degrees, there is an absolute need for a good quality winter coat. Fur coats are a cultural norm in Kazakhstan and are essential to the heritage.

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After moving to New York at the early age of 19, Diana began to notice the growing amount of compliments from random people on the streets regarding her coats. This sparked her creative instincts and KOJA was formed. But most importantly, she didn’t want to create just another brand, but a fair brand.


The luxury outerwear brand has also hit the red carpet. Fashion icons such as Emily Weiss and Eva Chen have sported KOJA coats as well as actress Demi Moore in her movie Blind. The support continues to grow along with the company.

To keep up with the latest from KOJA, you can find their social media platforms here.

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