Championing Zero Waste During a Pandemic with Kriti Tula of Doodlage

Zero Waste Fashion Brand - Doodlage

In episode 30 of the Impact India podcast, I welcome back Kriti Tula, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Doodlage.

Doodlage is a fashion brand based in New Delhi working with post-production and post-consumer textile waste to curate women’s, men’s, and accessory collections.

During the pandemic, Doodlage has been working to partner with homegrown brands aligned with their upcycling and zero waste values. Their most recent collection Indigo Chronicles was curated with Iro Iro, a zero waste B2B textile brand based in Jaipur. Together, these two leading conscious fashion brands have come together to deepen their efforts to reinvent the fashion supply chain.

Championing Zero Waste During a Pandemic with Kriti Tula of Doodlage

In this episode, Kriti and I dive into:

  • How Doodlage was able to support their artisans during this uncertain time
  • Pivoting your marketing to connect more meaningfully with your audience when operational priorities are constantly changing
  • What to expect from the Indigo Chronicles collection and future collaborations from Doodlage

“When you work with such drastic societies [our clients and our artisans], you don’t get a pause to nurture ourselves.” – Kriti Tula

To shop the Indigo Chronicles collection, click here. Be sure to follow their journey on Instagram as well @doodlageofficial.

A little about the collection:

Indigo chronicles tells the story of the vast textile industry of Jaipur through its waste. Indigo is a commonly used natural dye with a distinctive blue hue. No where it is as visible as it is in the lanes of the Pink City: running through the drains, blotted on walls, widely used in fabrics, sarees and tunics flaunted by not just the people in the city but across the country, in rugs, Jaipuri blankets, and Rajasthani turbans. They all narrate the story of arguably the oldest known natural dye.

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