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Meet The New NYC Zero Waste Fashion Brand Creating Sustainable Basics

Meet The New NYC Zero Waste Fashion Brand Creating Sustainable Basics

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Introducing 337 brand, an NYC-based fashion brand bringing sustainable basics and casual athleisure wear to the market. The brand is all about looking good, feeling good and doing good. As they say it, “there is nothing sexier than kindness”.

All collections are made from organic, natural, upcycled and recycled textiles sourced from and made in New York City. And the cherry atop their sustainable production process, each purchase plants a tree through their charitable partner, One Tree Planted.

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See below a Q & A with the team at 337.

Tell us about 337’s zero waste initiatives.

At 337 BRAND, we constantly strive towards circularity where the products are made in a closed-loop system with bare minimum to zero waste. This includes the use of ethical fabric, dye, hangtag, packaging, production, donation and carbon neutral shipping. We do not believe in becoming another clothing brand that aligns with the conventional market.

How has your journey unfolded redefining sexy as kindness and sustainability in a city so consumed by fast and mainstream designer fashion?

New York City is such an amazing place but it is time to refresh the industry standard. The old ways are not working for the better and the consumer is taking notice. It is important to care for the environment, animals, people who made the clothes and what you’re putting against your skin. In NYC, we are constantly reminded and inspired to create against the trend and stand for something that goes beyond the moment. Being kind and sustainable are selfless acts that make a positive impact toward our surroundings. To us, that is sexy.


What has been your biggest internal success and challenge working with upcycled and recycled textiles?

We are proud to source certified closed-loop materials from mills with an established reputation. We love to use textiles made from discarded products that could have ended up in landfills or elsewhere but instead recycled into something new. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the fashion industry is still using conventional fabrics which drive the demand for eco-friendly materials very low. Therefore, resources can be limited, especially in the U.S.


Tell us about your relationship with One Tree Planted!

We’re excited to partner with One Tree Planted! A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Vermont that focuses on global reforestation. Areas impacted by deforestation will receive donations to plant trees and help offset the devastation. For every order, we donate one dollar and every dollar will help plant one tree. Let’s keep the world beautiful so we can continue to explore all of its treasures!

What do you think is the biggest challenge in making sustainably made clothing more accessible?

Sometimes, it can be a challenge to source quality materials at an accessible price point but it is one we routinely surmount.


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