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New Podcast Gives Impact Tips from UN Global Goals Pioneers

New Podcast Gives Impact Tips from UN Global Goals Pioneers


Photo by Slava Bowman


Industry Disruption: Field Notes


Want to know what companies are tackling the UN Global Goals, but don’t know where to look? Well, field notes and real-time interviews have arrived:


The project creator, Chandler Perog, is one of the most intentional and passionate human beings I’ve ever met. After growing a social good company in San Diego, he set out to interview social impact founders and find out how they are addressing the UN Global Goals.


With one episode out weekly, his vibrant energy will inspire you to problem-solve and grow business to change the world. Here’s a recent episode I loved.



How a hip fracture became a civic equality breakthrough.


Imagine only participating in your job, hobbies, and community one day out of every month.


In some areas of the world, no wheelchair means no participation.


In this podcast, the founder of Participant tells how 3-D printing wheelchairs will increase participation days for people in low-income communities. With lightyear innovations in 3D printing, the company moves toward UN Global Goal #10: Reduced Inequalities for All.


  • 9:30: Hip fracture to life calling
  • 11:30: Printing a disruptive business model
  • 17:10: Supply chain insider “Printing magic”
  • 23:00 How will it work?
  • 27:15 Seed Stage: “Tap shoes and fire batons”
  • 29:00 What will it take to solve the disability challenge in Goal #10?


Listen, subscribe, enjoy, and comment with questions! Who do YOU want to hear from about the UN Global Goals?


The mission of the podcast is to showcase some of the most exciting exponential solutions to the global goals. These are the businesses and leaders dedicating their lives to eradicating these problems and putting them where they belong… in a history book.

Participant – Koeke King Interview Podcast



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