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PCP Clothing Rose From The Economic Crisis In Greece To Bring Employment

PCP Clothing Rose From The Economic Crisis In Greece To Bring Employment

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Pella Christina Papachristou: PCP. Although commonly known as an illegal drug throughout North America, in Europe, it’s the pop of color and glittery items found in everyone’s wardrobe. PCP Clothing is a fair trade legging and ethical fashion brand, crafting colorful, unique, and extremely glittery and faux furry staples that are designed, sewn, manufactured, and sourced within Europe.

PCP Clothing has finally made it to America with quite the story backing it. The successful, ethical clothing company rose from the economic crisis in Greece to bring employment, opportunity, and strength back to those who were severely impacted by the economic downturn of the populous European country. Pella took the opportunity to utilize her family’s history and experience in the textile industry, to bring about a modern brand that could economically empower her local community, and douse them in glitter.

PCP Clothing Rose From The Economic Crisis In Greece To Bring Employment

Below is a Q + A with Pella Christina, Design Director and Founder of PCP Clothing.

We don’t get to see much of the girl behind PCP Clothing, Miss Pella Christina Papachristou, tell us about yourself!

Aloha! I am Pella and I am 26 years old. I started PCP Clothing three years ago when I was working as a fashion stylist for TV commercials. I did an 80s themed commercial, and when I finished, I just wore the outfits day-to-day. My friends loved them so I made a few here and there and next thing I knew, I had created enough to make my own line-and that’s what I did! Now PCP has blown my mind and I can’t stop thinking of how I can make the world better by doing what I love.

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The story behind PCP Clothing rising up in an economic crisis to bring employment and sustainability to Thessaloniki is incredible. Tell us how it all happened!

It’s true. Right now, here in Greece, times are very tough. We have a lot of really smart young adults who simply have no opportunity, so they are having to go abroad to find it. And those that are here are looking for more economic ways to support their business. I saw this trend and knew that some how, in some way I needed to make a difference. So I made a point of hiring local artisans to work in our facilities, as well as keeping everything from design to packaging within Europe. This has helped support so many families and young people who have so much drive and desire, and just need a place to express it.


Coming from a background in the textile industry, with men running the show, how has it been being the “lady boss” at the forefront?

Things can be difficult because when people see a young person, especially a girl, they don’t always take me seriously, so I need to be a little bit tough sometimes in order to stand out and speak up so others understand that I am not here to play. In the fashion industry, it’s more likely that if there is a young boy and a young girl running a company, they will take the boy more seriously than the girl, which is something I’ve definitely faced working with a community of men. Things must change and we are here to change it. We support women and we want equality!

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What inspires your collections?

As an Aquarius, I tend to fall in love every 5 minutes with everything! So inspiration derives from my everyday life as I watch people moving, as I travel, as I read magazines, as I surf the internet and go to exhibitions. I can be doing something completely unrelated and BAM! I’ll get an idea out of nowhere.

It makes life really exciting to know that inspiration can come when you least expect it.

What do you see being your biggest challenge breaking into the North American market?

I hope that people will embrace and love PCP and will contribute to our community and our love to spread the glitter anarchy. I think the most difficult thing will be the language barrier! JUST KIDDING! At first I thought it would be how well the brand would translate because of it’s clearly European style, but the world is so small these days and fashion is universal. People are always looking for something different and that’s us!

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What can we expect from PCP in the next year here in North America?

Expect an explosion of colour and glitter – we’re coming for you! Especially as spring is upon us, there is no better excuse to add a little (or a lot) of each to your wardrobe! But on a serious note, we really are here to make a difference using what we have experience in: fashion. What better way to tell a story than by telling it with what you’re wearing. When people wear PCP clothing, they are wearing a garment that stands for change, equality, and #Glitteranarchy (which is our way of stirring things up by doing something different, something GOOD). We are going to make the world a better place. Love with no labels, no gender, no race, no age, no looks, just equal human beings. That’s the dream and we are enjoying every step of the way!

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