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How to Make an Impact as a Social Entrepreneur During COVID-19

How to Make an Impact as a Social Entrepreneur During COVID-19

How to make an impact as a social entrepreneur during COVID-19

In the final episode of season 2 of Impact India, I sit solo in my front yard (the furthest outside I can get right now) to chat about moving forward with personal and professional goals in a time when the future is so uncertain.

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In a country with the strictest lockdown policies, India has entered stage 3 of COVID-19 (meaning community transitions—new cases have no identified infection source or travel history) and panic is starting to really set in.

However, it is so important that we sprinkle a little bit of positivity into our lifestyles and work through absorbing, reflecting, and strategizing on how to thrive in the now.

In this episode, I dive into:

  • How to shift your social brand to meet the current needs of your audience during the pandemic.
  • My thoughts on the tourism industry over the next year.
  • How I made the hardest and best decision for my social business, Hara World.

Thank you all for listening to season 2 and for taking the podcast global. I am so grateful to know that so many people around the world want to support the stories and impact of innovators here in India.

Season 3 will be coming at you as lockdowns open up over the next month. My goal is to focus the season on following the stories of entrepreneurs navigating business growth post-pandemic.

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“I’m not sure how to move forward at the moment, and being vulnerable about that is okay. As a social entrepreneur, the greatest thing you can do right now is to continue providing for the needs of your community.”

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