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Causeartist is pleased to offer custom content packages that incorporate storytelling opportunities across a number of channels. We are committed to creating and serving only high-quality content that is of service to our readers. Our editorial team will work with you to create an engaging content package with the mix of types and styles of content best suited to your individual story and needs.

“What we buy can be more powerful than how we vote”

-Grant Trahant, founder of Causeartist

What is a Causeartist?

causeartist: [cause-artist] noun. a person who uses their talents and skills to impact the world.

Causeartist is a global community of social entrepreneurs, business leaders, and the individuals who support them, impacting the world through social enterprise. Everyone has the ability to contribute to a better world. Causeartist provides a platform with the latest information, tools and resources so that we can work together to make an impact.

✍️ Articles – Causeartist creates all kinds of articles including product round-ups, gift guides, interviews, educational articles, etc. Our editors will work with you to determine the best article formats to highlight your story to our audience. Causeartist will then create custom content to engage your brand with our audience. This custom content will be published on the Causeartist homepage and shared across our channels including email and social media.

🖥 Webinar/Panel – Causeartist produces both webinars and panel-style podcasts with experts on a given topic area. Our editors will work with you to explore potential topics of interest for your story and to build a webinar or panel podcast that will highlight your story and be beneficial for our audience.

🎙 Podcast – Causeartist offers both podcast sponsorship and podcast content opportunities. Our podcast producers will work with you to determine the best way to highlight your product, organization or story to our podcast audience.

♥️ Social Posts – Causeartist is active across numerous social media platforms; our editorial team will help determine the best channels and types of post to highlight your story, organization or product.

📨 Email marketing – Causeartist offers email banners, newsletter content inclusion, and sponsored emails.

💻 Banners on site – We can also promote your content or organization via banners on the Causeartist website.

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