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The Word Changes is Empowering The Boston Community with One Word

The Word Changes is Empowering The Boston Community with One Word


The Word Changes is a Boston-based apparel and accessory line making huge waves with their brand, using only one word to inspire and motivate their buyers. Whether it’s God, Love, Peace, or Fearless, the powerful meaning behind each word has been creating some serious impact on the lives of those wearing the shirts, and the young adults of America that two thirds of the proceeds go towards to help with education needs and fighting poverty.

Below is a Q&A with Antoinette Rodney, founder of the word changes

Why one word?

Because one word can say so much or so little. The Word Changes was birthed by me seeing an image of a purple t-shirt with the word GOD written in silver.  I immediately thought that for some people that word carries so much power and for others it means absolutely nothing! I began meditating on that thought and the fact that one word can be so powerful that it can change the direction of your life, it can motivate you, inspire you and it can bring you to that AHA moment!  Seeing a single word can be so powerful but yet the design is so simplistic, straight to the point, and I like simplicity. I think simplicity can have the biggest impact.  A great example of the power of one word is this customer testimonial I received

the shirts are awesome and I’ve been getting so many compliments. I bought one for a friend of mine and as she was walking on the street, a lady stopped her and began crying. The lady said the shirt was a confirmation and it was divine timing!”

How awesome is that!  That sums up what the word changes seeks to do. We want to make an impact on humanity, we want to change lives for the better.


How do you find your brand is empowering your community?

I see my brand as motivating people and encouraging people to take action. Mobilizing people to create change wherever they are. One tag line that I have used to explain my brand is: when you feel good, we feel good.  What that means is that if we can lift you up and breathe life (excitement, joy, motivation, positivity) into you, you will feel good and do good.  When you feel good you can make an impact on your community.  That could be as big as helping an elderly person, supporting someone who has a financial issue or a health issue.  Your individual act, which can be grouped together with the individual acts of others, is what creates change in your community.


Two thirds of all your profits go towards education and ending poverty for children and young adults. Do you have a personal connection to this beautiful initiative?

I love children and my brand is driven by my heart.  So most of what I do is based upon what moves me. I don’t have any children of my own, not by choice, but that will be a story I tell on my blog one day.  I play an active role in my nieces and nephews lives and I teach children at my Sunday school.  They are our future and we need to pour into them so they have the tools they need to succeed.  I understand the disadvantage children can face due to food insecurity and I think there is an injustice in that. I wanted to do something to help.  So far we have donated to Save the Children and Feeding America and through future sales of our products we look forward to doing so much more in the area of child hunger.


Your blog and webinars are very inspiring and educational for young adults entering their careers. How do you plan on continuing to develop the professional development side of your brand?

I will continue to do webinars. I think they are a great tool that can touch an infinite amount of people.  My upcoming webinar is in August will be on Personal Branding.  Each and every one of us is a walking brand and I want us to put our best foot forward whenever our brand is on display.  I am excited about this upcoming webinar!  The speaker is a fabulous youth coach!!

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