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This New Pain Relief Alternative Gives Back To Small Clinics With Each Purchase

This New Pain Relief Alternative Gives Back To Small Clinics With Each Purchase


Founded by brothers Tony and Josh Breeden in May 2017. The b+b® brand was established on the principle of one-for-one giving. b+b® is the only company using the “buy one give one” model in the health and wellness space.

For every b+b® pain relief product purchased, they donate one to their network of over 1000 free health clinics and rural health centers across the United States. They accomplish this through their national partnership with Americares – the leading global nonprofit of donated medicine and medical supplies.

b+b® pain relief product purchased

Healthy nation revolution

With growing interest by retailers and consumers across the country, the spirit of giving back is being taken to a new level with this new “giving” brand. This month, also highlighted by National Public Health Week and World Health Day, is bringing awareness to #HealthForAll, that no one should have to choose between good health and other life necessities.

The Breeden brothers say, “The nation’s rural health centers and free clinics should not have the added burden of struggling to provide basic pain relief to their patients. Our mission, and the very purpose of our company, is to make helping others simple.

We are proud to be part of the growing movement to help create the “healthiest nation in one generation,” as this year’s mission by the American Public Health Association states.”

Providing the same trusted FDA/USP approved pain relievers consumers know and trust, b+b OTC offerings include acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen sodium. Priced the same or less than their branded competition, b+b also provides dye free options – an option not currently offered by any other national pain reliever brand.


The unique flat bottle design was created alongside the engineers behind the EOS lip balm for cool, innovative, on-the-go packaging.

Currently available in more than 1500 stores and on-line, b+b is seeing exponential growth in 2018; products are available for purchase online at, Walmart stores nationwide, and will be in Publix grocery stores nationwide starting in May.

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