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TODAY Is A Collective Impact App For A Sustainable Future 

TODAY Is A Collective Impact App For A Sustainable Future 



What if an App had the power to change the world?

The TODAY App helps YOU track and share the positive impact you have on the world… Discover the difference you can make, connect with others creating positive change and earn rewards for your efforts. TODAY.

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How Does TODAY Work?

– Find out how much pollution you can save by not using coffee cups each week

– Find out how much clean air you create from walking to work

– Find out how much money you save buying responsibly

– Find out how much water you save with the clothes and shoes you buy

– Find out how much natural land you conserve by eating sustainably too

Today​ empowers us to create a more sustainable future, with access to eco-friendly alternatives to what we buy.

TODAY App Screens_impactapp

Sound like something the world needs?

We need your help to bring TODAY to life! Please share, pledge & support however you can!

Help us create a sustainable future together.

Please jump on StartSomeGood and show your support for what we are bringing to life!

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